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  • Just ListenEx Love! You Left Me Alone In Dark! And Made A Pain Just Like A Shark! There's No Need For Talking Don't Get Tired For Explaining Nothing Will Be The Same Again And Our Love Never Will Begin Stop Telling Me About Your Regretful04:28

  • I Never Want To Be All AloneWe're Falling Together I'm Calling Your Name Forever So Take Me To Heaven Tell Me I'm Yours Forever We're Falling, Caress Me Touch Me Andsay You Love Me So Take Me To Heaven And Tell Me I'm Yours Forever(I Never Want To Be All Alon02:56

  • ♠Sopho Nizharadze Like The Tide’s Gonna Turn You Will Know, When It’s Cold You’re On Your Own But You’re Never Alone Shine, Shine Like The Stars In The Sky Wipe Your Dust Off Your Love, Let It Shine♠03:02

  • Simple Plan - Your Love Is A Lie|I Fall Asleep By The Telephone It's 2 O'clock And I'm Waiting Up Alone Tell Me, Where Have You Been? I Found A Note With Another Name You Blow A Kiss But It Just Don't Feel The Same 'Cause I Can Feel That You're Gone|03:42

  • Roger Sanchez - LostI Saw A Picture Yesterday You Know The One We Were Laughing In The Rain Remember How It Used To Be (I'm So Alone) Remember When You Were Still In Love With Me But You Turned Away And I Start To Cry I'm Lost Without Your Love And 05:52

  • I Want Kill La KillYou're Alone In The Rain Been Thinking Of You You Can't Stop Your Tears When You Stayed With Me Just Before I Want To Know Do You Love Me? How Long You Had To Wait For Me You Can't Think Of Yesterday I Got In A Fight When You Saw Me I Couldn&a04:07

  • A-StudioBaby I Feel That I`m Falling In Love. Baby I Know. I Am Dreaming Alone. I Need Your Help In Saving My Soul. You Must Bring Me Back. Where I Belong.03:08

  • Сергей ДанковYou Are Not Alone-2011, ( 1 How Deep Is The Ocean - How Deep Is Your Love? I Have A Love In My Eye's And How Do I Feel When You Can't Get Enough? Half-Way To Your Paradise Oh, My Love - Is Your Love Forever And A D03:29

  • Flight FacilitiesOpen Me Up Inside Til You See A Face That Tell You That You're In This Place Let's Stand Alone, We're Good To Go Slip Into The Backyard And Get Back Home Back Into Your Room As The ?? Stand Back Into Your Mouth Like A Love Crime Mommy, You'07:47

  • 04. Festival Love Is! 2014Doublethink - Your Alone (Original Mix)04:10

  • Kingdom ComeWhat Love Can Be(Come To Me Know I Want To Be Your Best Friend For All Of Time I Want To Be The Tissue For Your Tears I Never Want To Be Alone)05:15

  • Zombie ArtDie Alone Without Your Love01:13

  • Elton JohnMy Heart Dances... It's Easy To Be Certain That Another's Heart Will Fall. Much Harder To Be Certain Of Your Own... It Leaves You So Excited But Alone... The Things We Love Completely We Are Fated To Destroy... My Heart Dances, But Not For Joy...04:51

  • Evans BlueBeauty Fades, When She Dies....In A Red Dress And Alone,but It Was The Best Times.And Your Right To Love Him, And Your Right To Want You.Close The Door And Lock Me In,break The Key And Chase The Blood Out Of My Veins... 03:09

  • BT-Suddenly (Ferry Corsten Mix)And I Love It When You Fall To Me Suddenly You And Your Emotion I’m On Your Side I Say A Prayer And You And You’re Devotion You’re Locked Away Alone In There Cause I Don’t Want You To Feel Forgotten And Only You Can Choose Your Fate Remember 07:53

  • Akira Yamaoka Feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn[Silent Hill 4]Your Rain (Rage Mix) [.. Dancing Alone Again, Again The Rain Falling Only The Scent Of You Remains To Dance With Me Nobody Showed Me How To Return The Love You Give To Me Mom Never Hugged Me, Dad Loves A Stranger More Than Me I Never Wanted To Ever Brin01:29

  • Manic Street PreachersYour Love Alone Is Not Enough (Nina & James Acoustic)04:00

  • The PoguesI Just Want To See You...When You're All Alone... I Just Want To Catch You If...I Can I Just Want To Be There...When The Morning Light Explodes...On Your Face It Radiates...I Can't Escape...I Love You 'Till The End...04:32

  • BrokencydeYour Eyes They Flow From All The Pain I Caused I Lost My Cause I Only Broke Your Heart Alone I Cry I Tried So Hard To Break You I Love You I Hate You Why Wont You Let Me Go? I, I Feel The Raindrops Fall These Tears Wont Take You Away, I'05:39

  • Astudio - SOS...Baby I Feel That I`m Falling In Love. Baby I Know. I Am Dreaming Alone. I Need Your Help In Saving My Soul. You Must Bring Me Back. Where I Belong.05:11

  • ___If I Could Be Alone With You And Here In The Sun Ill Stay Inside Your Shades Of Love, Makes On Day Forever04:14


  • Nicole Scherzinger I'll Be Your Love - If You Would Believe, Believe In The World. A Vision Of Love And The Strength Inside Your Heart You'll Find A Way. I'll Be Your Love, I'll Be Your Light. I'll Never Make You Feel, Feel Alone.05:43

  • Manic Street PreachersYour Love Alone Is Not Enough04:11

  • Roxette - Listen To Your Heart(1988)=Heart - What About Love(1985)Roxette - Listen To Your Heart(1988)=Heart-Alone(1987)02:35

  • GROOVE MAFIAAlone In Love (original Mix) (Makes Your Heart Beat)06:18

  • B.B. KingI Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone04:39

  • Night AngelStanding Alone On The Mountain High Watching The Sky... Can This Falling Rain Settle And Ease My Pain? Where Are You, My Love, My Ariel? I Still Remember Your Amber Eyes, Enchanting Smile... May Be That Was A Dream, So Why Do I Cry And Scream? I 02:23

  • ПАМЯТЬДва года...04:47

  • Manic Street Preachers Feat. Nina PerssonYour Love Alone Is Not Enough (Новинки недели 21.05.2007)04:31

  • Clarence CarterI Can´t Leave Your Love Alone02:34

  • Bonnie TylerI Can't Leave Your Love Alone04:02

  • Origami ConspiracyAlone Inside Your Love03:07

  • Час-Ы_реп04_I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone02:56

  • Teddy PendergrassI Can't Leave Your Love Alone04:41

  • Teddy PendergrassI Can't Leave Your Love Alone04:41

  • ♥ Roger Sanchez Feat. Lisa Pure ♥♥ Lost ♥ <>05:47

  • Her Crying EyesI Am Alone Without Your Love03:00

  • Nina PerssonYour Love Alone Is Not Enough (Acoustic)03:54