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  • The Toxic AvengerYou Were There03:40

  • Arctic MonkeysIf You Were There, Beware (Острые козырьки)04:34

  • James ArthurImpossible I Remember Years Ago Someone Told Me I Should Take Caution When It Comes To Love I Did .. And You Were Strong And I Was Not My Illusion, My Mistake I Was Careless, I Forgot I Did And Now When All Is Done There Is Nothing To Say You Have Gone 03:18

  • Michiru Oshima, Steven GeraghtyICO - You Were There03:43

  • Rich James & Kai RaffaelloYou Were There03:15

  • Michiru Oshima, S. GeraghtyYou Were There [ICO Soundtrack]04:26

  • Майкл ДжексонYou Were There02:09

  • Diego GarciaYou Were Never There03:41

  • Rich James & Kai RaffaelloYou Were There []03:15

  • Sarah FerriWere You There02:59

  • Jay RayYou Were There03:26

  • Lele X Feat. Magic Soul & Andy ComptonYou Were There (Main Classic Dub)06:18

  • The IrrepressiblesI Am Lost, In Our Rainbow, Now Our Rainbow Has Gone, Overcast, By Your Shadow, As Our Worlds Move On, In This Shirt, I Can Be You, To Be Near You For A While, There's A Crane, Knocking Down All Those Things, That We Were, I Awake, In The Night, To Hea05:35

  • Diamond VersionWere You There (with Neil Tennant)04:03


  • Me GustaWhat Were You Doing There03:00

  • Arctic MonkeysIf You Were There,Beware04:33

  • ♥♥♥ AkcentIt's My Name ♥♥♥ - All The Time I Thought About You I Saw Your Eyes And They Were So Blue I Could Read There Just One Name My Name, My Name, My Name Because Of You I`m Flying Higher You Give Me Love, You Set On Fire You05:01

  • Focus On The BreathYou Were There07:34

  • [>320]™ Rich James & Kai Raffaello You Were There (Original Mix)04:28

  • ●Bullet For My Valentine - The EndYour Hair Reminds Me Of A Time When We Once Were Your Fingernails That Marked My Back Now Rot In Earth The Sheets We Slept In Blew Away And Now The Storm Is Over The Taste Of You Inside My Mouth Remains But Still I’m Hearing: There’s No Love, Everybod06:56

  • Lady GaGa/2011/Then You'd Love Me (If I Were The Last Girl, And You Were The Last Boy, Left Here On This Planet, There Was An Earthquake. Maybe Then You'd Love, Maybe Then You'd Love Me.04:05

  • Arctic MonkeysIf You Were There, Beware04:34

  • The Toxic AvengerYou Were There03:39

  • F ∆ U X EYou Were There For Me When I Was Down03:49

  • Epic Music VNEpic Emotional | Soren Sabet Sarvestany - Because You Were There08:18

  • Sarah Ferri02. Were You There02:41

  • Rich James & Kai RaffaelloYou Were There→

  • Teach InIm Alone There Was A Time That I Knew You Were Mine, But The Dreams Of Today Fly Away, I'm Alone Again. Where Can I Go? I Don't Know What To Do Without You. I'm Alone. When I Need Love, I Need You By My Side, You're That Who Treats Me Rig02:59

  • There Were No Close MatchesLooking For A Song You Hear Playing?04:35

  • Poets Of The FallWar - When I Thought That I Fought This War Alone You Were There By My Side On The Frontline So Will You Please Show Me Your Real Face Draw The Line In The Horizon Cos I Only Need Your Name To Call The Reasons Why I Fought05:05

  • \ Letting Go, Cause I Know. You Were Only Half Way There. Even Though, We Were Close. I Was Holding On Just Long Enough To Know. I Should Be Letting Go. I Should Be Letting Go.03:28

  • TwokIf You Were There03:02