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  • Ten SharpYou! You Were Always On My Mind, You! You're The One I'm Living For You! You're My Everlasting Fire You're My Always Shining Star...04:33

  • алсуTell Me Why,you're Always On My Mind03:24

  • I Never Return To Love Somebody Now All That I Need Is All I See In You And Only You And If You Get Lost I'll Always FindYou're All That I Need Your Heart Will Keep You True My Only You You Make Me Fall And I Can't Sleep You're Holding On But It's Too Deep And I Can't Give It Away03:36

  • ATBMy Everything ... I Want To Tell You, But Words Fail Me At This Time. I Want To Tell You, That You’re Always On My Mind. From The Moment That I Wake, To Last Thing At Night.I Want To Show You, This Love Is Deep Inside. I Want To Show You, You See It In My05:06

  • Aerosmith (Rock Ballads) Come Here Baby You Know You Drive Me Up A Wall The Way You Make Good On All The Nasty Tricks You Pull Seems Like We're Makin' Up More Than We're Makin' Love And It Always Seems You Got Somn' On Your Mind Other Than Me Girl, You Got05:19

  • АлсуYou're Always On My Mind03:25

  • Radio On You're Always Right03:54

  • The FlightsYou're Always On My Mind03:44

  • ATB Feat. Tiff Lacey - You’re My Everything You Are You Are All I’ll Ever Need You're My EverythingI Wanna Tell You What’s Filled Me At This Time I Wanna Tell You You're Always On My Mind From The Moment That I Wake To Lasting All Night I Wanna Show You This Love Is Deep Inside I Wanna Show05:06

  • Cafe Del Mar You're Always In My Heart, You're Always On My Mind 05:15

  • [●..Sick Puppies..●][●..I Hate You When You're Gone I Hate You Turn Me On I Hate The Way I Need You When I Don't Know Where You Are I Love It Even More When I Find You On The Floor I Know You Think You Hate Me But I Will Always Hate You More..●]03:28

  • Люба Юнак Goodnight Moon (Фабрика звёзд 3)Текст песни «Goodnight Moon» There's A Nail In The Door And There's Glass On The Lawn Tacks On The Floor And The TV Is On And I Always Sleep With My Guns When You're Gone There's A Blade By The Bed And A P02:09

  • Rue Du SoleilYou Are Always In My Heart You Are Always On My Mind , When You Change Into My Life... Treasuring My Lonely Heart Pressures Of Mine You Are Always Shining Bright You're In Me The Breast Inside Feeling So Right Baby Not Is All In Mine A Future 05:14

  • TopbunkYou're Always On E & I Worry About You03:23

  • Dj Tatana Feat. JaelYou're Always On My Mind05:44

  • Steive WonderYou`re Always On My Mind04:28

  • Elvis PresleyYou're Always On My Mind03:27

  • The FlightsYou're Always On My Mind03:46

  • SWVYou're Always On My Mind05:17

  • (Acoustic Rock Cover By 18) You're Still Always On My Mind03:30

  • Placebo - English Summer Rain**(Always Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Changes,English Summer Rain Seems To Last For Ages.I'm In The Basement, You're In The Sky,I'm In The Basement Baby, Drop On By...)*03:12

  • Cafe Del MareYou`re Always On My Mind05:17


  • China DollYou're Always On My Mind04:26

  • Jay Ray BeatsYou`re Always On My Mind03:38

  • ANDRU DONALDSNo Matter Where I Find Myself You're Always On My Mind (Always On My Mind) The Photographs Stare Back At Me Reminds Me That Your Love's Deep As Mine (Deep As Mine) I'm Coming Home To You, Babe, Is What I'm Livin' For, Yeah03:20

  • АлсуTell Me Why You’re Always On My Mind?03:24

  • Lo ProfileYou're Always On My Mind03:52

  • AlsuTell Me Why You're Always On My Mind. I Don't Know Why...02:46

  • Ray HortonBecause I Love You.. If U Should Feel, That I Don’t Really Care..and That U're Starting To Lose Ground..just Let Me Reassure U, That U Can Count On Me..and That I'll Always Be Around..03:31

  • Alsou "Always On My Mind"I’ve Seen Cuter I’ve Heard Smoother Tasted Sweeter\ I’ve Laughed Harder Acted Smarter I’ve Been Wiser\ Tell Me Why You’re Always On My Mind?03:25

  • Black IceYou're Always On My Mind03:40

  • Mandi MapesYou're Always On My Mind03:45

  • Stone SourTell Me Again How I'm On Your Mind - You're Always On Mine Tell Me It's Really Just A Matter Of Time - And I'll Believe A Lie03:29