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  • ★ Lexter★ Freedom To Love (You Give Me Strength To Carry On You’re A Sholder To Lead On All Night I’ll Do Anything For You To Make Your Dreams Come True I Can’t Live Without You We Can Have The Sun We Can Have The Moon We Can Have The Walk On Every Sunny Afternoon 04:04

  • SilversteinYou're All I Have03:32

  • CLAUDIA PAVELYou Are A Bad Boy, Dirty Boy I Know You Wanna See My Sexy Ass I’ll Be Your Love Toy All In Oil I Bet You’re Gonna Have A Blast I Got A Yummy On My Tummy And You’re Begging For Some Honey And I Know You Like To Shoot Me With Your Gun Dont Be A Dummy Come T03:42

  • Da BuzzI Love You [I'll Tell My Secrets For You,I'll Give You All That I Have,please Don't Tell Me We're Through,cause I Need You So Bad,In Every Way I Can Give,I Want To Save It For You,I Want You Closer Than Everything,I Love You.. I Love You]03:30

  • Nicole Scherzinger - Try With MeWhy's It Feel Like You're There When You're Already Gone Why's It Feel Like You Care When I Know That You Don't Everybody Needs A Chance At Love That's All We Need If You Wanna Have A Chance At Us Then Try With Me03:59

  • Michael Jackson СЛоВ НЕТYou Are Not Alone (минус) Another Day Has Gone I'm Still All Alone How Could This Be You're Not Here With Me You Never Said Goodbye Someone Tell Me Why Did You Have To Go And Leave My World So Cold Everyday I Sit And06:05

  • Snow PatrolYou're All I Have (Acoustic)03:57

  • • Evanescence• You ♡...When We're Together I Feel Perfect When I'm Pulled Away From You I Fall Apart All You Say Is Sacred To Me Your Eyes Are So Blue, I Can't Look Away..I Believe In You... I'll Give Up Everything Just To Find You... I Have To Be With You To Li04:38

  • YellowcardHolly Wood Died (Hey Let Go Of All You Know, And You're Flying Away Now What Have You Got To Lose And Say Out Loud These Words I've Found. I'll Be There When You Come Down - I'll Be Waiting For You=)04:39

  • Jessica Cornish Boy I Will Be You're Sexy Silk. Wrap Me Around, Round, Round, Round. I'll Be Your Pussycat Licking Your Milk Right Now, Down, Down, Down. Oh A Kiss Can Last All Night! (Mhmm) You'll Have To Seduce Me Nibble And Bite. (Awh Yeah!)02:44

  • SilversteinYou're All I Have03:32

  • BasshunterI’m So Alone Here On My Own And I’m Waiting For You To Call I Want To Be A Part Of You Think Of All The Things We Could Do And Every Day You’re In My Head I Want To Have You In My Bed You Are The One You’re In My Eyes All I Ever Wanted In My Life00:29

  • My Chemical RomanceCan I Be The Only Hope For You, Because You're The Only Hope For Me And If We Can Find Where We Belong, We'll Have To Make It On Our Own, Face All The Burn And Take It Out, Because The Only Hope For Me Is You...04:34

  • Evanesence You|oh You Don't Have To Ask Me Know You're All That I Live For|04:38

  • Tate And VioletYou're All I Want! You're All I Have!31:52

  • Josh RadinAll You Have To Do Is Cry( So We're Alone Again I Wish It Were Over We Seem To Never End Only Get Closer To The Point Where I Can Take No More The Clouds In Your Eyes Down Your Face They Pour)02:45

  • Richie Stringini(US5)-Best Friend{..♥.♥.♥..Sometimes In Life When All Hope Is Gone And You Feel Like You're On Your Own True Friend Comes A Long And Makes You Realize That Everything Is Ok In The Last Year That I've Gone Through I Have Many Up's And Down'04:29

  • One DirectionI Should Have Kissed You (...It's All That I Can Think About, Oh... You're All That I Can Think About My Love...)01:13

  • Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterOf All The Boys I've Known And I've Known Some Until I First Met You I Was Lonesome And When You Came In Sight, Dear, My Heart Grew Light And This Old World Seemed New To Me You're Really Swell, I Have To Admit You Deserve Expressions That Re03:11

  • Lissy Trullie Stand Carving Up The Wall, Why Don't You Open Up At All? I Am Ready, I Am Ready For A Fall! I Can't Hear Your Voice, Do I Have A Choice? You're My Number One Guy… Do It, Do It, Do It Now, Say It, Say It, Say It, Say It, Say It Now&#04:00

  • Within TemptationHave To Stay (I Hope There Is A Way To Give Me A Sign You're Ok. Reminds Me Again It's Worth It All So I Can Go On. )04:30

  • [♥Ksu Luscious - You're Not From Here♥][♥I Don't Know What Is Going On. You Turn Around And Touch My Heart. A Silent Moment Speaks The Truth. Something Has Happened All At Once, It Should Have Scared Me In Advance. But I Was Falling In Those Eyes Of Yours And So.♥]04:48

  • Jon McLaughlin  Jesus Can You Hear Me Now? Oh, Jesus I'm Just Wondering How I'm Doing Am I Proving Worth All The Time You've Spent Oh, Jesus I Know You're There Oh, Jesus Have You Decided Where I'm Going? You Know I Was Hoping To Be Oh Jesus03:34

  • SilversteinYou're All I Have03:32

  • OST НевидимыйYou`re All I Have04:33

  • AHSYou're All I Have04:22