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  • Anne MurrayYou Needed Me03:39

  • ✔Three Days GraceGood Morning Day.Sorry I Am Not There.All My Favourite Friends Vanished In The Air.Its Hard To Fly When You Cant Even Run.Wats Are Up In This World.I Never Get The World.If I Needed Someone To Control Me,if I Needed Someone To Hold Me Down.03:27

  • RihannaNeeded Me (Borgore Remix)

  • Oi Va Voi-Yesterday's Mistakes. You Said You Needed Me, Or At Least That's What I Thought. At Times The Memories Seem To Be Knocking At My Door. I've Seen The Film A Million Times Feels Like I Wrote The Storyline I Refuse To Replay The Mistakes That We Made Yesterday. 04:40

  • ImprintafterI Thought You Needed Me02:39

  • Clous Van MechelenYou Needed Me03:56

  • ...Give Me A Reason Why Would You Want Me To Live And Die Living A Lie You Were The Answer All That I Needed To Justify Justify My Life...04:26

  • Anne MurrayYou Needed Me03:42

  • SR15B Jaehyun & Changmin (TVXQ) & Taemin (Shinee) & D.O (EXO) You Needed Me 02:34

  • Ann MurrayYou Needed Me03:39

  • Anne MurrayYou Needed Me (Rus)01:20

  • ● I Should Be Crying, But I Just Can't Let It Show. I Should Be Hoping, But I Can't Stop Thinking Of All The ThingAll The Things We Should've Done, That We Never Did. All The Things That You Needed From Me. All The Things That You Wanted For Me. All The Things That I Should've Given, But I Didn't ●03:12

  • 04/10/2014 Чанмин, Тэмин, D.O., Чжехён You Needed Me (SMTown в Токио, Cr. APO电台)03:40

  • Barlow Girl I Waited For You Today But You Didn't Show No No. I Needed You Today So Where Did You Go? You Told Me To Call Said You'd Be There And Though I Haven't Seen You Are You Still There? Chorus I Cried Out With No Reply And I Can't Feel You By04:35

  • WHITE I Liked You Better When You Needed Me 03:11

  • Little Willie JohnIf I Thought You Needed Me02:41

  • You Needed Me Anne Murray03:46

  • In ArchivesWhen You Needed Me The Most03:49

  • Anton NikkilaYou Needed Me04:44

  • :)You Left Me Alone When I Needed You Most00:24

  • One When You Needed Me 04:09

  • Harry Allen & Rossano Sportiello / Genre: Mainstream Jazz / Album: "Conversations: The Johnny Burke Songbook" (2010)06. "I Wish You Needed Me"04:37

  • Def LeppardHave You Needed Someone So Bad Like Me05:19

  • Depeche ModeI Was There When You Needed Me Most I Was There When You Wanted Me Least I Was Your Father, Your Son And Your Holy Ghost And Priest Through Your Failings And Success Through Your Losses And Gains I Didn’t See Much Happiness Or Pain I Couldn’t Save Your 04:39

  • FloodsYou Convinced Me That I Needed It03:31

  • Madonna - Don't You Feel Sorry For Me? 'Cause I'm Right Where The Universe Wants Me To Be A Lesson That I Needed To Learn But That Doesn't Mean That It Doesn't Burn. 03:20

  • Clous Van MechelenYou Needed Me03:52

  • Harold MabernYou Needed Me04:01

  • Mary ByrneYou Needed Me03:20

  • RihannaNeeded Me (Laibert Remix) |

  • A.Ventura & L.S.O.You Needed Me03:55

  • Anne MurrayYou Needed Me03:57

  • Tim McGrawYou Left Me (just When I Needed You Most)03:39

  • Ann Murray You Needed Me03:38

  • 033. The Playin' Stars Feat. RomanthonyYou Needed Me03:24

  • Give Me A Reason, Why Would You Want Me, To Live And Die.. Living A Lie?You Were The Answer. All That I Needed, To Justify.. Justify My Life..04:26

  • Dj AntonMaloYYou Needed Me! (Exended Version 22.07.12)04:21

  • Anne Baron You Needed Me03:39

  • David GraySail Away...with Me Honey...darlin If You Hear Me Now, Never Needed You So Bad...05:16

  • BoyzoneYou Needed Me03:34

  • Anne MurrayYou Needed Me03:34

  • Shania Twain & Anne MurrayYou Needed Me 03:38

  • Anita MeyerYou Needed Me04:03