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  • Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break The Day I First Met You You Told Me You Never Fall In Love But Now That I Get You I Know Fear Is What It Really Was Now Here We Are, So Close, Yet So Far Having Not Past The Tense. When Will You Realize Baby Im Not Like The Rest Do03:30

  • Maddi Jane - Jar Of HeartsI Know I Can’t Take One More Step Towards You Cause All That’s Waiting Is Regret And Don’t You Know I’m Not Your Ghost Anymore You Lost The Love I Loved The Most I Learned To Live Half Alive And Now You Want Me One More Time And Who Do You Think You Are04:16

  • John LegendWho Did That To You? Now I'm Not Afraid To Do The Last Work, You Say Vengeance Is Here, But Imma Do It First. I'm Done Handle My Business In The Name Of The Love. Now If He Made You Cry, Oh, I Gotta Know, If He's Not Ready To Die, He Best P03:45

  • ♫ Ramzi Ft. Ash King & Massari Love Is Blind! He Does Not Consider You Seriously, And Do You Know .. The Only Thing That Remains ... Just Go Away You Do Not Have To Live With Someone In A Lie When Deep Inside You Know That He Is Not The I Do Not Know What Else To Say ... I Want To 04:16

  • Sam TsuiNo I Can't Take One More Step Towards You Cause All That's Waiting Is Regret And Don't You Know I'm Not Your Ghost Anymore You Lost The Love I Loved The Most I Learned To Live Half Alive And Now You Want Me One More Time And Who Do You T03:38

  • The Chemical BrothersLet Me Introduce To You A Brand New Dance... I Know You Gonna Love It If You Give It One Chance... It’s Not Complicated, It's Not Too Hard... You Don't Even Have To Be A Hip-hop Star! See Anyone Can Do It, All You Need Is Style..:)04:15

  • Nick Jonas - Give Love A ChanceAnd You Might Think That I'm A Fool, For Falling Over You, And Tell Me What I Can Do To Prove To You, That It's Not So Hard To Do, Give Love A Try, One More Time.. Cause You Know That I'm On Your Side, Give Love A Try, One More Time03:23

  • Enrique IglesiasYeah What Did I Do But Give Love To You I'm Just Confused As I Stand Here And Look At You From Head To Feet, All That's Not Me Go 'head, Keep The Keys, That's Not What I Need From You You Think That You Know (I Do), You've Made Yoursel03:35

  • Enrique Iglesias It Must Be Love Baby Coz It Is Killing Me Looking In Your Eyes It Must Be Love Coz Every Time You Walk Away I Just Fall Apart And I Do Not Know What It Is, But I Feel I Am In Too Deep 03:44

  • [►] Mario Casas Not Know How Many I Have Wanted To See You Again I Miss Your Touch And I Will Not Miss Only By Your Side I Am The Child Of That Story Behind Me I Wake Princess With A Kiss. (Ejota) You Know I Love If I See Sonriar You Do Not Know How Much You Mean To Me 04:46

  • Akon - I'm So High,So High,Sexual High,A Sexual High,Know She Got Me When You See That Redness In My EyeShawty Got Her Back And Her Body Got Curves,When She Bring It Back It's Like Somebody Hit A Nerve,Just Like That, I Love It When You Flirt,Take It To The Back And Hang A Do Not Disturb Sign On The Door Cause Your Boyfriend's A Her**04:36

  • Игра на гитареPrivet.Ya Love Tebya.Zvuchit Strange, But Unfortunately It Tak.Primi Please My Feelings, Because You Do Not Know What I Expect From You Every Day Sms.Vilnius For You, Check Every Second Whether You're Online But ... You Presto Mnoy.Spasibo You Use, Th03:27

  • Chris ReaAnd You My Love(And You My LoveI Do Not Sleep TonightI May Not EverThe Sins Of The Past Have ComeSee How They Sit Down TogetherOutside My WindowOutside My DoorAnd I Know The Reason What They've All Come Here ForYou My LoveMy Sweet, Sweet LoveAre What 05:20

  • I Do Not Love.I Know That You Will03:20

  • Julie DriscollI Didn't Want To Have To Do It (I Know You Love Me Not 2006)02:44

  • Lana Del ReyWe Both Know That It's Not Fashionable To Love Me But You Don't Go 'cause Truly There's Nobody For You But Me We Could Cruise To The Blues Wilshire Boulevard If We Choose Or Whatever You Want To Do, We Make The Rules05:58

  • I DO NOT KNOW THE EXECUTOR OF THIS SONG!!! IF WOULD KNOW-HAS WRITTEN! =)... Ourselves Did Not Understand, How Our Love Broke, Mere Words Threw: "Forgive Me"... All Was So Beautifully, I About What Did Not Ask... I Simply Loved You... Forget Me!!!03:40

  • 8 | Felix Jaehn Feat. Jasmine ThompsonCaptured Effortlessly That's The Way It Was Happened So Naturally I Did Not Know It Was Love The Next Thing I Felt Was You Holding Me Close What Was I Gonna Do? I Let Myself Go And Now We're Flyin' Through The Star I Hope This Night Will Last 03:06

  • You Do Not You Do Not Like It And I Know It! At The Sight Of You My Heart Burns! Pain Otchaenie That's Not My ... Chest Breaks, God Answer As It Achieved? You - This Is A Ray In A Dark World, You Are My Sunrise ... If Love Is A Sin, Then The Road To Me I04:51

  • ♥♥♥I'm Gonna Miss Your Love And I Don't Know What To Do Miss Your Love, I'm Not The Same Without You Miss Your Love, Every Word I Say It's True Miss Your Love...03:45

  • COLD FIREI Do Not Know You But I Love 04:00

  • The Unknown ExecutorThe Sun, I Love You Very Strongly... To Me So It Is Bad When You Are Not Present Nearby... Without You I Do Not Have Sense To Live... That That Only You In My Opinion Recover All It Is The World... Where You Were I Always With You... Know That I LOVE YOU.03:17

  • Tony Bennett5. I Do No Know A Day I Did Not Love You03:28

  • NakroПервая Рэп песня про Любовь Pashul * I'm Sorry Please For All I Love You Very Very Much Love And Who Do Not Will Not Give Up! You Know Me So Forgive Me For All !********************)03:34

  • I BELIEVE IN LOVE AND POWER OF LOVE ... . - I'll Wait For You Forever, My Love, I'll Remember, Believe, Live And Not Give Up, When You Do Not Wait, And The Rain Is A Wall, I Know ... I'll Be Thinking Night And Day That You, Like A Candle Light, Burn One, Under A Sky Blue. When The ..03:26

  • I DO NOT LOVEI Know That You Will03:20

  • [ Oh Girl Lets Take It Slow So As For You Well You Know Where To Go I Want To Take My Love And Hate You Till The End It's No[ I'm So Addicted Too All The Things You Do When You're Going Down On Me In Between The Sheets Or The Sound You Make With Every Breathe You Take It's Not Like Anything When You're Loving Me ]03:55

  • I Do Not Love.I Know That You Will03:20

  • DJ Anny Aka Anna OkunevaOr Maybe You Do Not Know That We Love... 21:24

  • Charlie ByrdI Do Not Know A Day I Did Not Love You03:01

  • I Know You Have Been Here . I Love And Do Not Retreat ! Why Are You So Cruel . If You Break Your Pride , I Will Make You Happy . It Is Waiting For Your Answer .03:19

  • Julie DriscollDon't Do It No More (I Know You Love Me Not 2006)02:33