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  • Nicholas FraserWhy Are You Always Lying04:20

  • BBMakAlways Know Where You Are (OST из м/ф Планета сокровищ)03:17

  • IncrediboxAre You Satisfied Of You? Always Try To Do Your Best!00:19

  • VetoYou Are Always04:18

  • Nicholas FraserWhy Are You Always Lying?03:37

  • Ten SharpYou Are Always On My Mind04:33

  • My Little Pony: FiMFriends Are Always There For You02:15

  • PlazmaAngel Of Snow (Radio Edit)Only You'll Always Be Alive Only You'll Never Disappear Only You, My Angel Of Snow Are Making Me Pure And Clear... 03:54

  • Сергей ЛазаревYou Are The Only One (Eurovision 2016) You Are The Only One We Can Never Let The Word Be Unspoken. We Will Never Let Our Loving Go Come Undone. Everything We Had Is Staying Unbroken, Oh. You Will Always Be The Only One. You're The Only One. Won'03:05

  • ˙·٠●•Backstreet Boysღ...Never Gone, Never Far..In My Heart Is Where You Are..Always Close..Everyday..Every Step Along The Way..Even Though For Now We've Gotta Say Goodbyeღ03:48

  • VariousAlways Know Where You Are - BB (Soundtrack м/ф Планета сокровищь)03:13

  • Ten SharpYou Are Always On My Mind04:26

  • John RzeznikAlways Know Where You Are (OST Treasure Planet) 03:09

  • My Earthangel♥you Are My Messenger, From Heaven No Matter How Unhappy I Become, You Always Try A Way To Make Me Smile And I Admire You, For You're Pure Hart You Always Giving All Of You, To Everyone Arround You When I Praying Were Never A Part Of♥03:36

  • NuessenceYou Are Always Tender03:46

  • Fanatic Emotions You Are Always In My Heart (Original Mix) (Lexx)07:58

  • BB MakAlways Know Where You Are (OST Планета сокровищ)03:19

  • =*) Because You Are So Dear) You're My Honey Bunch, Sugar Plum... Pumbie-umbie-umpkin You're My Sweetie Pie... You're My Cuppie Cake, Gum Drop, Snookum-ookums, You're... The Apple Of My Eye!! And I Love You So, And I Want You To Know That I'll Always Be...00:42

  • BBMakAlways Know Where You Are03:19

  • Элвис ПреслиYou Are Always On My Mind 03:30

  • Дружба - это ЧудоFriends Are Always There For You [Official Russian Dubbing / SONG / ПЕСНЯ]02:08

  • Dj Maksy & Michael BubleYou Are Always On My Mind (Rb 24)03:14

  • S3e12, 19. Nina SimoneBaby You Understand Me Now If Sometimes You See I’m Mad Doncha Know That No One Alive Can Always Be An Angel? When Everything Goes Wrong You See Some Bad Well I’m Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood Ya Kno02:44

  • Jordin SparksYou're Still The Part Of Everything I Are In My Heart Just Like A Tatoo...I'll Always Have You...03:51

  • ..Loc DogLove You.. - She Said I Wonder When It'll Be My Day. 'Cause I'm Not Too Far From Breaking Down. And All I’ve Got Are Screams Inside. But Somehow They Come Out In A Smile. And I'm Wondering If I'll Always Feel This Way, This Way. ]03:23

  • Ivan DornYou Are Always In Plus [TH32ND & WWWY Remix]05:50

  • Chicane Feat Tom JonesIf You Could See Me Here This Way Looking Backwards From Today Would You Do It All Again...? If I Could Roll It Back To You Just Like Lovers Always Do I Am Stoned In Love But Not With You Good Luck… Because We Are Not Feeling Stoned In Love03:40

  • Akira Yamaoka You Are Always On My Mind05:09

  • Jerry ValeYou Are Always In My Heart02:24

  • JoinedTheHerd (JTH)Friends Are Always There For You (JTH Remix)03:09

  • Ten SharpYou Are Always In My Mind (salsa Version)04:50

  • Blaxy GirlsDear Mama - Every Word That Keeps My Smile Alive, You Were Always There To Set Me Free, Cause' You're There And Even Though I'm Blind, You Can Clear My Eyes Again To See. Thankin' God For All You Are And Been, And For Everything You Did To03:20

  • Valve - Portal 2 (OST)I Want You Gone "Well Here We Are Again It’s Always Such A Pleasure Remember When You Tried To Kill Me Twice? Oh How We Laughed And Laughed Except I Wasn’t Laughing Under The Circumstances I’ve Been Shockingly Nice You Want Your Freedom? Take It Tha02:21

  • Plumb - In My Arms Castles They Might Crumble, Dreams May Not Come True, But You Are Never All Alone, Because I Will Always, ALWAYS LOVE YOU...04:04

  • SiaI Go To Sleep.. I Dream You Are There With Me.. Though You Are Far Away, I Know You'll Always Be Near To Me.. 07:30

  • Sy GardnerMy Thoughts Are Always You (original Mix)06:59

  • Treasure PlanetAlways Know Where You Are03:19

  • 10. Friends Are Always There For YouJoinedTheHerd Remix03:09

  • You Are Always On My Mind А море не просто вода04:41

  • Daniel IngramFriends Are Always There For You (174UDSI Remix)05:05

  • ScorpionsAre You The One Who's Always In My Dreams03:13

  • DepoWhy You Are Always Lying01:17

  • ATB Feat. Tiff Lacey - You’re My Everything You Are You Are All I’ll Ever Need You're My EverythingI Wanna Tell You What’s Filled Me At This Time I Wanna Tell You You're Always On My Mind From The Moment That I Wake To Lasting All Night I Wanna Show You This Love Is Deep Inside I Wanna Show05:06