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  • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever Over And Over I Look In Your Eyes You Are All I Desire You Have Captured Me I Want To Hold I Want To Be Close To You I Never Want To Let Go I Wish That This Night Would Never End I Need To Know Could I 04:21

  • Rihanna Feat Leona Lewis для танцев, Go-go, Strip, Pole Dance, растяжки, стрип-пластики Музыка для тренировок Workout Music ® Http:// Is Still Everything Is Restless In My Heart I Hate The Way This Feels Suddenly I'm Scared To Be Apart The Days Are Dark When You're Not Around The Air Is Getting Hard To Breathe I Wish That You Would Just Put Me Down I Wish That I Could03:26

  • I Wish I Could Be Close To YouI Can’t Sleep At Night I’m Staring At The Phone Knowing You Are Not Alone She Is Right There By Your Side I’m Trying Just To Hide All The Things I Feel Inside I Can Sense The Chemistry When You Are Standing Close To Me I Feel Like A Ship Is Lost At Sea Is04:40

  • Travie MccoyNEED YOU I Know Its Not Your Fault, But I’m? A Locked Door Anytime I’m A Mess By Someone Before And I Wish That I, I Could Find A Key To Unlock All The Things That You Want Us To Be Let Me Open Up And Start Again, But There’s A Safe Around My Heart I Don’03:24

  • KornWish You Could Be Me01:07

  • Jack RiotFuckin' Ok "I’m Seating On Drugs Its Eating My Mind I Know You Care About Me But I’m Ok I Close My Eyes Wish You Could Be Mine At The End Of Time"04:44

  • KoRnWish You Could Be Me01:08

  • Skyes01. Wish You Could Be Me [Skyes Version By KoRn]01:36