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  • Chris BrownWith Every Kiss And Every Hug, You Make Me Fall In Love, And Now I Know No I Can't Be The Only One, I Bet There Heart's All Over The World Tonight, With The Love Of Their Life Who Feel.. What I Feel When I'm With You04:14

  • You Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, PulDo You See Me Laughing? You Think That It's A Joke Imma Start Harassing, All Your Little Hoes That Be Trying To Pass Here, You Better Tell Them Imma Kick They Ass In! WHAT! Who Are You Talking To? You Better Hang Up Or I'm Through With You02:52

  • Hit'n'Hide ::: True LoveI Don't Care What You Say, I'm Gonna Tell You Today, If Your Love Really True, I Don't Know What To Do. Don't You Wanna Be My True Love Baby, Just Show Me Who You Are, Can't You See That I'm In Love With You, Just Give Me A Sign.03:17

  • Margie JosephWho Gets Your Love When I'm Gone? Will She Kiss You With Her Eyes Choose Your Ties, Keep Your Pillow Warm? Baby, Baby, Who Gets Your Love When I'm Gone? When I Move Into The House Down The Street Where I Started From? Oh, Who Gets Your Love?03:10

  • Sofia Nikol Candiani & Eric Jimenez Sentimental Mood A Kind Of Sometimes I’m Looking That’s Because I’m In Love With You Your Words Can Be My Comfort On My Crazy Place That Cons You're The One Who Controls My Truth You Have The Power To Keep Me Safe Or To Bring Me On Empty Space...03:41

  • The TeaseI Know You Know Me As The Days And The Nights Are Falling I Am The Voice That Is Always Calling You Know Who I Am You Know My Name And My Number Like A Book I Am Always Reading With A View That I'm Always Seeing You Know Who I Am You Know My02:42

  • TLC-Unpretty (I Was Told I Was Beautiful But What Does That Mean To You?Look Into The Mirror Who's Inside There-The One WithThe Long Hair.Never Insecure Until I Met You Now I'm Bein' Stupid I Used To Be So Cute To Me.Maybe Get Rid Of You And Then I'll Get Back To Me,I've Tried Different Ways But It's All The Same At The End Of The Day I Have Myself To Blame04:25

  • Katy PerryCause When I'm With Him I Am Thinking Of You Thinking Of You What You Would Do If You Were The One Who Was Spending The Night.04:06

  • Pretty RecklessI'm Not Listening To You I Am Wandering Right Through Resistance With No Purpose And No Drive 'Cause In The End We're All Alive, Alive Two Thousand Years I've Been Awake Waiting For The Day To Shake To All Of You Who've Wrong03:08

  • AleksaI'm Stopping The Show-see What You Let Go-who Broke Up With Whom Now You Are Just A Fading Memory03:18

  • Jeffree Star-BlushCover Me In Blush, I'm A Sugar Rush So Sinful With My Stare, Like A Millionaire Cover Me In Cream, Handle Me With Care I'm In Your Every Dream, So Love Me If You Dare It's So Bizarre That You Wanna Be A Star, When Everyone Who Is; Just Doe03:44

  • ♥ Petula Clark ♥I, I Who Have Nothing /I, I Who Have No One /Adore You And Want You So /I'm Just A No One /With Nothing To Give You But Oh /I Love You02:32

  • 🎸 Best Rock Love Songs➐ I'm The One Who Wants To Be With You / Luck Wallace 03:19

  • ПорохThere's An Infestation In My Mind's Imagination I Hope They Choke On Smoke Cause I'm Smoking Them Out The Basement This Is Not Rap This Is Not Hip-hop Just Another Attempt To Make The Voices Stop Rapping To Prove Nothing, Just Writing To Say Something 'cause I Wasn't The Only One Who Wasn't Rushing To Say Nothing This Doesn't Mean I Lost My Dream It's Just Right Now I Got A Really Crazy Mind To Clean Gangsters Don't Cry Therefore, Therefore I'm Mr. Misty-eye, Therefore I'm Can You Save Can You Save My Can You Save My Heavy Dirty Soul? Can You Save Can You Save My Can You Save My Heavy Dirty Soul? For Me, For Me, Oh Can You Save My Heavy Dirty Soul? For Me, For Me, Oh Can You Save My Heavy Dirty Soul? No, I Didn't Understand The Thing You Said If I Didn't Know Better, I Guess You're All Already Dead Mindless Zombies Walking Around With A Limp And A Hunch Saying Stuff Like, "you Only Live Once" You Got One Time To Figure It Out One Tim00:05

  • Vbots.ruDa Da Da Da Daa It's Tha Mothafuckin' D O Double G (Snoop Dogg) Da Da Da Da Daa You Know I'm Mobbin' With The D R E Yeah Yeah Yeah You Know Who's Back Up In This Mothafucker00:10

  • Vbots.ruI'm The Brother Who You, I'm The Brother Who You, Tryna Get With My Crew, Tryna Get With My Team, Who The Hell Are You Like00:07