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  • Simple Plan (Untitled)UntItled. How Could This Happen To Me.. I Made My Mistakes.. Got No Where To Run.. The Night Goes On.. As I'm Fading Away.. I'm Sick Of This Life.. I Just Wanna Scream.. How Could This Happen To Me..03:59

  • StingIf I Caught The World In A Bottle And Everything Was Still Beneath The Moon Without Your Love Would It Shine For Me? If I Was Smart As Aristotle And Understood The Rings Around The Moon What Would It All Matter If You Loved Me? Here In Your Arms Where Th03:09

  • Josh Groban (as Anatoly Sergievsky, Musical "Chess" 2003)Where I Want To Be03:02

  • RealitySometimes I Believe03:25

  • Hillsong United - The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One (2008) (Disc A)Where The Love Lasts Forever05:45

  • ANDRU DONALDSNo Matter Where I Find Myself You're Always On My Mind (Always On My Mind) The Photographs Stare Back At Me Reminds Me That Your Love's Deep As Mine (Deep As Mine) I'm Coming Home To You, Babe, Is What I'm Livin' For, Yeah03:20

  • Regina Belle & Jeffrey OsborneFar Longer Than Forever I'll Hold You In My Heart It's Almost Like You're Here With Me Although We're Far Apart Far Longer Than Forever As Constant As A Star I Close My Eyes And I Am Where You Are03:46

  • Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits8. Where Was I Last Night? (Nami Danam Chi Manzil)01:28

  • Blue Tente Feat. Aelyn - Not Mine (Original Vocal Mix) (Radio Edit)Where Are You Now ? Where Is Your Heart ? Whith Whom Are Your Thoughts ? I Will Give You My Everything But I Know - You Are Not Mine You Are Not Mine As Like As Blind I Can Not Find Way To Light My Thoughts There04:50

  • [APD061] Sarp Yilmaz10. Who Knows Where Your Love Goes (Original Mix) [As If I Care LP]07:43

  • Stig Rossen (as Anatoly Sergievsky) “Where I Want To Be” (from Musical “Chess”, 2002)03:15

  • Catasexual Urge MotivationCatasexual Urge Motivation - The End Moments As I Position The Blade Above A Spot On Her Chest Where The Heart Should Be05:51

  • Zoot Sims I Wonder Where Our Love As Gone07:16

  • Where The Wild Roses Grow On The Last Day He Took Me To The River, He Showed Me The Roses And We Kissed . And The Last Thing I Heard Was A Muttered Word, As He Knelt Above Me With A Rock In His Fist03:57

  • *Happy New Year... Happy New Year. May We All Have A Vision Now. And Then, Of A World Where Every Neighbour Is A Friend!**Happy New Year... Happy New Year. May We All Have Our Hopes, Our Will To Try. If We Don't We Might As Well Lay Down And Die. You And I.*04:24

  • Where I Come From Isn't All That Great......And My Friends Are Just As Screwy As Me03:16

  • Edgar Allan PoeEndless Dream [You As A Dream, I Travel There. When The Trip Is Over, You Go Back To Places That You Once Loved. You'll Be To Seek Comfort. And When You Realize What You Have Lost, Then You Will Dream To Be In A Dream, Where I - You, And You - I..04:58

  • The Chemical BrothersWhere Do I Begin (ST Queer As Folk, 3.14)06:57

  • [ Oh Girl Lets Take It Slow So As For You Well You Know Where To Go I Want To Take My Love And Hate You Till The End It's No[ I'm So Addicted Too All The Things You Do When You're Going Down On Me In Between The Sheets Or The Sound You Make With Every Breathe You Take It's Not Like Anything When You're Loving Me ]03:55

  • Gaura Vani & As Kindred SpiritsWhere Was I Last Night? (Nami Danam Chi Manzil)01:28

  • I Watched The Flowers DieI Had A Dream Where I Was Just As Much Of A Disappointment To You As I Am In Real Life.00:42

  • Where I Come From Isn't All That Great......And My Friends Are Just As Screwy As Me 03:15

  • Debbie DaviesMorning!Where? Snap?I Know I Should Come As Soon As Posible04:44

  • Daniel LavoieFriends Like Us Never Say Good Bye, There's No Reason We Should Cry... Here In The Heart Of Me That's Where You'll Always Be, Deep As The Deep Blue Sea, Close As The Air I Breathe...03:51

  • U2-Where The Streets Have No Name (Live From Boston)What Can I Give Back To God For The Blessings He Poured Out On Me? What Can I Give Back To God For The Blessings He Poured Out On Me? I Lift High The Cup Of Salvation As A Toast To Our Father To Follow Through On A Promise I Made To You From The Heart06:04

  • Twice As GoodWhere Do We Go From Here (''That's All I Need'', 2014)05:20