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  • Avril LavigneWhen Your Gone04:00

  • Till BroennerWhen Your Lover Has Gone05:32

  • Tony O'MalleyWhen Your Love Has Gone04:30

  • Leonid Rudenko Feat. Max FredriksonGoodbye... Last Night, Last Kiss. No Words Or Lies. Baby, That's It - This Is Goodbay. When I Leave, I Don't Want You To Cry...I Will Miss Your Beautiful Eyes. Too Late To Say, What Have We Done, Just Let Me Stay Till Night Is Gone.03:03

  • FunkMaker BeatsWho Gets Your Love When I'm Gone?02:29

  • Frank Sinatra When Your Lover Has Gone03:11

  • Неизвестный исполнительWhen Your'e Gone - минус03:57

  • Avril Lavigne Vs Little Mix Change Your Life_When You're Gone (Mashup)04:01

  • GusGusWhen Your Lover's Gone05:24

  • Jen Titus - O, Death..(OST "Supernatural")O, Death, о Death, O Death, Won't You Spare Me Over Til Another Year But What Is This, That I Can’t See With Ice Cold Hands Taking Hold Of Me When God Is Gone And The Devil Takes Hold, Who Will Have Mercy On Your Soul O, Death, о Death, O Death, No We04:56

  • MikeXanax I See Your Face Even When You're Gone04:19

  • Eddie Condon & His OrchestraWhen Your Lover Has Gone03:27

  • Gus GusWhen Your Lover´s Gone05:33

  • Maxine SullivanWhen Your Lover Has Gone03:54

  • Tony O'MalleyWhen Your Love Has Gone04:30

  • Leonid Rudenko Ft. Max FredriksonGoodbye (Beautiful Eyes)Last Night,Last Kiss,No More Lie,Baby,that's It,Miss It,goodbye.When I Leave I Don't Want You To Cry,I Will Miss Your Beautiful Eyes.Too Late To Say,What Have You Done,Just Let Me Stay,Tonight Is Gone.When I Leave I Don'03:03

  • Valve - Portal 2 (OST)I Want You Gone "Well Here We Are Again It’s Always Such A Pleasure Remember When You Tried To Kill Me Twice? Oh How We Laughed And Laughed Except I Wasn’t Laughing Under The Circumstances I’ve Been Shockingly Nice You Want Your Freedom? Take It Tha02:21

  • Nat King ColeWhen Your Lover Has Gone03:00

  • Marvin GayeWhen Your Lover Has Gone04:41

  • Avril Lavigne And Kelly Clarkson When Your Gone -Because Of You - Mash Up03:41

  • ANASTASIA PRIHODKO-ACTION Eurovision 2011I Don’t Wanna Be Alive By Your Side And I Know I’m Gonna Send – Mayday I Don’t Wanna Have A Deal, Your Chill Eyes ‘Cause They Cut Me Like A Knife – Baby Wish You’d Feel A Bit Alone When I’m Gone Wanna See You Come Above – Tease Me ..03:00

  • Margie JosephWho Gets Your Love When I'm Gone? Will She Kiss You With Her Eyes Choose Your Ties, Keep Your Pillow Warm? Baby, Baby, Who Gets Your Love When I'm Gone? When I Move Into The House Down The Street Where I Started From? Oh, Who Gets Your Love?03:10

  • Donald LambertWhen Your Love Has Gone02:43

  • ShakiraUnderneath Your Clothes (Because Of You I Forgot The Smart Ways To Lie ,Because Of You I'm Running Out Of Reasons To Cry ,When The Friends Are Gone)03:33

  • Gus GusWhen Your Lover's Gone05:24

  • Pete FountainA4. When Your Lover Has Gone05:02

  • Melora HardinWhen Your Lover Has Gone (OST Ракетчик 1991)03:29