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  • Madcon – Beggin Oooooh Put Your Loving Hand Out, Baby I'm Beggin Beggin, Beggin You Put Your Loving Hand Out Baby Beggin, Beggin You Put Your Loving Hand Out Darling Ridin High, When I Was King Played It Hard And Fast, Cause I Had Everything Walked Away, Won Me The03:37

  • Christina Aguilera\Seems Like It Was Yesterday When I Saw Your Face You Told Me How Proud You Were, But I Walked Away If Only I Knew What I Know Today Ooh, Ooh I Would Hold You In My Arms I Would Take The Pain Away Thank You For All You've Done Forgive All Your M04:05

  • Sheryl CrowMy Favorite Mistake (i Woke Up And Called This Morning, The Tone Of Your Voice Was A Warning That You Don't Care For Me Anymore... I Made Up The Bed We Sleep In, I Looked At The Clock When You Creep In, It's 6 AM And I'm Alone...)04:07

  • Place 2b & PaimonSame Old Story Back Again She's Not A Lover She's Just A Friend I'm Sick And Tired For You To Blame On Me Now You Think It's Funny Now You Wanna Spend Your Money On Girls But You Forgot When You Were Down That I Was Around Call My Lover, 06:03

  • Nana-Rose And Bleach-TheacheryWhen I Was Darkness At That Time Fueteru Kuchibiru Heya No Katasumi De I Cry Mogakeba Mogaku Hodo Tsukisasaru Kono Kizu Yaburareta Yakusoku Hurt Me Nobody Can Save Me Kamisama Hitotsu Dake Tomete Saku You Na My Love I Need Your Love I'm A Broken Ros03:49

  • T.A.T.u.From Your Head To Your Toes, I Would Be There, From Your Bed To Your Clothes, I'm In The Air. When You Think You're Alone I'll Be Down In The Hall, I Could See It, If I Was A Fly On The Wall. What You Do In Your Room, I Could See It All, You 03:59

  • I Can't Shit Because I'm A Tree.When It's This Brief Nothing Was Bitten But Feel Free To Tell Your Kids This Was About You If You Think So01:12

  • Mara Cover B.M.When I Was Your Man 03:32