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  • Madilyn BaileyWhen I Was Your Man03:37

  • Liz Lawrence When I Was Younger03:23

  • Шарль АзнавурYesterday When I Was Young03:32

  • Charles AznavourYesterday When I Was Young03:31

  • Аяна КасымоваWhen I Was Your Man (cover)03:31

  • Ash & SkiesWhen I Was 1703:40

  • Bruno MarsWhen I Was Your Man (kristian Kostov Cover)03:38

  • SM THE BALLAD: Krystal [f(x)] & CHEN [EXO]When I Was… When U Were… (Korean Ver.)03:53

  • DeftonesMama Told Me When I Was Young05:56

  • Jeff Lynne's ELOWhen I Was A Boy03:15

  • Loïc Nottet When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars Cover)03:34

  • Empty HandedWhen I Was 16, I Killed Myself04:01

  • Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break The Day I First Met You You Told Me You Never Fall In Love But Now That I Get You I Know Fear Is What It Really Was Now Here We Are, So Close, Yet So Far Having Not Past The Tense. When Will You Realize Baby Im Not Like The Rest Do03:30

  • Gnarls Barkley Crazy (2Special & DJ Slim Disco Mix) [I Remember When, I Remember, I Remember When I Lost My Mind There Was Something So Pleasant About That Phase. Even Your Emotions Had An Echo In So Much Space]02:37

  • Madcon – Beggin Oooooh Put Your Loving Hand Out, Baby I'm Beggin Beggin, Beggin You Put Your Loving Hand Out Baby Beggin, Beggin You Put Your Loving Hand Out Darling Ridin High, When I Was King Played It Hard And Fast, Cause I Had Everything Walked Away, Won Me The03:37

  • James ArthurImpossible I Remember Years Ago Someone Told Me I Should Take Caution When It Comes To Love I Did .. And You Were Strong And I Was Not My Illusion, My Mistake I Was Careless, I Forgot I Did And Now When All Is Done There Is Nothing To Say You Have Gone 03:18

  • Matta Vs Pablo GadWhen I Was A Yout' (Hard Times)05:11

  • Elyar FoxWhen I Was Your Man Treasure (Bruno Mars Cover)03:29

  • How To Dress WellWhen I Was In Trouble03:22

  • Charlie PuthWhen I Was Your Man04:04

  • Sam SmithWhen I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars Cover)04:12

  • I Listen To SilenceWhen I Was A Child04:19

  • Susana Feat. Omnia & The BlizzardCloser (Original Mix) (touch The Agony In Me Then Bring Me Here The Melody...all I Ever Was, All I'll Ever Be When You're Near I Feel I'm Closer)04:37

  • Eminem & D12Under The Influence (Son, You Can Suck My Dick If You Don't Like My Shit Cuz I Was High When I Wrote This, So Suck My Dick.)05:21

  • Bruno Mars (Boyce Avenue Feat. Fifth Harmony Cover)When I Was Your Man03:38

  • The VampsWhen I Was Your Man (Mashup) 03:06

  • Kappa Kavi I Dropped This Beat When I Was A 3 Month Old Fetus01:45

  • Will ChamplinWhen I Was Your Man (The Voice Performance)03:32

  • Sam TsuiWhen I Was Your Man03:47

  • James MorrisonOnce When I Was Little (Acoustic Version)05:03

  • Dan DeaconWhen I Was Done Dying04:19

  • Allison ScottWhen I Was Your Man ( Bruno Mars Cover)03:20

  • Jeff Lynne's ELOWhen I Was A Boy03:15

  • Lunafly When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars Cover) 03:42


  • Sam AlvesWhen I Was Your Man03:45

  • ★Jay Sean Feat. Lil JonNight (Prod. By David Guetta)(HOT! 2o1o)I Was Lost....I Was Frozen.Walking Down The Streets Alone..when I Saw This Place Was Open, Tonight..03:37

  • Tape Loop OrchestraI Was Born When She Kissed Me11:15

  • ♔═╬▒M▒I▒K▒E▒▒P▒O▒S▒N▒E▒R▒ ╬═♔[Verse 1] I Took A Pill In Ibiza To Show Avicii I Was Cool And When I Finally Got Sober, Felt 10 Years Older But Fuck It, It Was Something To Do I'm Living Out In LA I Drive A Sports Car Just To Prove I'm A Real Big Baller Cause I Made A Million D03:18

  • EWIANWhen I Was Dead Feat. Fifi Rong04:34

  • Scooter - RampWhen I Was Young, It Seemed That Life Was So Wonderful, A Miracle, Oh It Was Beautiful, Magical03:55

  • Марк Потапов 9 летWhen I Was Your Man (cover)02:24

  • Maher Zain For The Rest Of My Life I Praise Allah For Sending Me You My Love You Found Me Home And Sail With Me And I`m Here With You Now Let Me Let You Know You`ve Opened My Heart I Was Always Thinking That Love Was Wrong But Everything Was Changed When You03:54

  • Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man ( Sax Cover By Lambert McGaughy)03:39

  • Bruno MarsWhen I Was Your Man (piano Cover)03:35