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  • WheesungNight And Day03:40

  • 케이윌 (K.will), 마마무 (Mamamoo)썸남썸녀 (Peppermint Chocolate) (Feat. Wheesung 휘성)03:30

  • Wheesung(휘성)불면증 (Insomnia)03:26

  • Heize (feat Jessi, Wheesung)Me, Myself And I03:15

  • Wheesung (휘성) & Gummy (거미)Special Love03:25

  • [괜찮아 사랑이야 OST Part4] 휘성 (Wheesung) For You03:51

  • 휘성 WheesungFor You (IT'S OKAY, THAT'S LOVE OST)03:46

  • WheesungGirls04:02

  • K.Will, MAMAMOO (ft. Wheesung) Peppermint Chocolate03:30

  • HEIZE (헤이즈) Feat. Jessi (제시) & Wheesung (휘성) (Prod. By 버벌진트)Me, Myself & I 03:14

  • G.NA (지나) Ft. Wheesung (휘성)Nice To Meet You03:53

  • Wheesung (휘성)결혼까지생각했어 (I Even Thought Of Marriage)03:30

  • SE7EN (세븐) Ft Wheesung (휘성), Lexy (렉시)LUZ CONTROL03:49

  • HEIZEMe, Myself & I (Prod. By Verbal Jint / Feat. Jessi, Wheesung)03:14

  • Wheesung Ft TaeyangPlayer03:59

  • [MonStar] [ORIGINAL] Ivy Ft. WheesungTemptation's Sonata (ep5)03:24

  • Wheesung (휘성) 제껴 (Hold Over) (Feat. LE Of EXID) 03:19

  • Wheesung Ft. B2ST JunHyung Words That Freeze My Heart / Heartsore Story (x-minus)03:20

  • Baby Soul (베이비소울)Stranger (남보다 못한 사이) (ft. Wheesung (휘성))04:07

  • Wheesung (휘성)자꾸만 [Beautiful Gong Shim OST Part.8]03:46

  • Wheesung (OST Красавица Гон Шим)Again And Again03:46

  • 휘성 Wheesung일년이면04:16

  • Wheesung & Bumkey Feat. Jessi Of Lucky JHow Much Is Your Love03:14

  • Wheesung & AileeKiss 03:00

  • Wheesung (휘성) Ft Yong Jun Hyung 가슴시린이야기 (Goodbye)03:20

  • Wheesung Ft. AileeThey Are Coming03:32

  • 휘성 WheesungFor You (Inst.) (IT'S OKAY, THAT'S LOVE OST)03:46

  • Wheesung (휘성)다시 만난 날04:34

  • Kingdom Of The Winds03. Alive, But.. Even In Death… - Wheesung04:32

  • WheesungNight And Day03:36

  • Wheesung Feat. G-Dragon Magic Eye 04:11

  • Wheesung눈물길 (The Moon Embracing The Sun OST Part 3)03:50

  • WheesungAll I Want For Christmas Is You (east4A Remix)04:09

  • Baby Soul Ft. WheesungNo Better Than Strangers03:52

  • 휘성 Wheesung너라는 명작03:48

  • Soulstar 진짜 사랑 노래 (Feat. Wheesung)03:31

  • 휘성 (Wheesung)With Me03:27

  • 휘성 (Wheesung)가슴 시린 이야기 (ft. 용준형 (Yong JunHyung) Of 비스트 (BEAST)03:20

  • Lovelyz Feat. Wheesung Stranger (Babysoul Solo)03:52

  • Wheesung (feat. Ailee)My Boo02:47

  • Lee Chan (Seventeen ( 세븐틴 ))'Insomnia' By Wheesung02:18

  • JinuseanGood Time (Feat. Wheesung)03:29

  • Wheesung Ft. JunHyung (B2ST)Words That Freeze My Heart 03:21

  • Wheesung...안 되나요...Can't We04:31

  • 휘성 (Wheesung)Crescent Moon (OST Joong-cheon)04:50

  • Wheesung, AileeKiss03:04

  • Wheesung Masterpiece Of You03:47

  • WheesungWith Me03:30

  • Rain & RICH & WheesungRain-End Of The Road(LIVE)02:19

  • 휘성 (Wheesung)눈물길03:50

  • WheeSung(휘성)One Kiss03:23

  • WheesungAgain (OST Beautiful Gong Shim)03:46

  • WheesungPlease Remember Me Ep.104:01

  • WheeSung얼마짜리 사랑 - 휘성 & 범키 (Ft. Jessi)03:14

  • WheeSungKiss (Duet. Ailee)03:04

  • Lee Seung Woo & Wheesung 감기라도 걸릴까03:56

  • Lee Seung Woo (Soul Star) & WheesungShould I Catch The Flu03:56

  • WheeSung(휘성)One Kiss00:31

  • Wheesung & Gummy & Bobby Kim Tic Tac Toe07:17

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