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  • YlvisWhat Does The Fox Say?03:32

  • Glee CastWhat Does The Fox Say 5x0703:36

  • Me And The CaptainThe Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)03:30

  • YlvisWhat Does The Fox Say?(russian Cover)03:29

  • Ylvis What Does The Fox Say04:49

  • Ylvis(Люся Чеботина, Ян Степанов)What Does The Fox Say?02:23

  • What Does The Fox Say (Metal Cover)Без названия03:31

  • AmnaeonWhat Does The Fox Say? (Ylvis Cover)03:35

  • Hatsune Miku Ft. LuluWhat Does The Fox Say03:28

  • Ylvis Vs. Parov Stelar The Fox (What Does The Fox Say) Vs. Catgroove (CJ JACK SKELLINGTON Mash Up)00:54

  • Ylvis & DJ V.A.D.I.K.What Does The Fox Say05:08

  • YlvisWhat Does The Fox Say?03:23

  • Вольдемар СтаниславскийWhat Does The Fox Say - Ylvis 02:22

  • YlvisWhat Does The Fox Say? (Power Metal COVER)03:19

  • Ylvis & Grushevski & Zam - What Does The Fox Say (Shazam Mashup) []04:21

  • The Beef SeedsWhat Does The Fox Say? (Ylvis Cover)03:27

  • RakohusYlvis - What Does The Fox Say? (8-Bit NES Version)09:53

  • "The Squid"A Minecraft Parody Of "What Does The Fox Say" Originally By Ylvis03:39

  • NightcoreWhat Does The Fox Say?02:51

  • MIXхейхейхей, What Does The Fox Say, We Will Rock You, мадагаскар02:30

  • Toby Turner (Tobuscus)WHAT DOES THE FAX SAY? (North Korea Ylvis The Fox Parody)04:25

  • Michael SchulteWhat Does The Fox Say (Acoustic Cover)02:31

  • Ylvis / Toby TurnerWhat Does The Fox Say And I'M A BIRD MOTHE**ER (Mosh Up By Dolbaeb)02:51

  • DJ Kloxx Feat. YlvisWhat Does The Fox Say? (Cosmo F. Remix)05:04

  • ► YlvisThe Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) (Jason Nevins Remix)05:48

  • Deebri MusicWhat Do The Minions Say (Fox Comedy Parody)03:19

  • Микс-ТанецКовбои, Джаз, What Does The Fox Say? Лиана и Таня03:02

  • What Does The Drone Say (Ylvis - The Fox) Viva La Dirt League02:46

  • YlvisWhat Does The Fox Say???02:41

  • Людмила Чеботина Ft. Ян СтепановWhat Does The Fox Say (acoustic Cover)02:25

  • Waht Does The Fox SayWhat Does The Fox Say(Mit Einem Anderen Lied Zusammen)04:36

  • Ylvis – What Does The Fox SayОтбива 200:32

  • YivisWhat Does The Fox Say(Dj Adam Blast Remix)02:44

  • Sam BassalWhat Did The Fox Say (Hardcore/Risecore Cover)03:33

  • ThaddeusWalsterWhat Does The Fox Say (Metal Cover)03:31

  • НарезкаКВН, Tunak-tunak, Байла, Бум Сеньорита, Danc Now, I Like To Move It, What The Fox Say02:52

  • GreyBurstWhat Does The Fox Say ( Cover )03:32

  • CritWolf [Кто делал]What Does The Fox Say?00:09