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  • Amy DiamondWhat's In It For Me03:16

  • ♥▪°•¸.•'´¯)¸.•Amy Diamond♥What'S In It For Me03:19

  • Bruno MarsWell Looky Here Looky Here Ah What Do We Have? Another Pretty Thang Ready For Me To Grab But Little Does She Know That I'm A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing 'Cause At The End Of The Night It Is Her I'll Be Holding I Love You So That's Wha02:22

  • Темный Дворецкий - The Dark Crow SmilesSir, Excuse Me For Interrupting Allow Me To Introduce Myself Butler Yes I Am Yes I Am Lord's Order Is What I Am Taking Care Of Business In These Bases Step Into All Those Places What I Face Is My Lord's Thesis Writing It Based On Those Pieces Ha E05:25

  • **Only Girl (In The World) (Mark Pride Remix)I Want You To Love Me, Like I'm A Hot Pie Keep Thinkin' Of Me, Doin' What You Like So Boy Forget About The World Cuz It's Gon' Be Me And You Tonight I Wanna Make Your Beg For Ya, Then Imma 05:44

  • Amy DiamondWhat's In It For Me (Crash & Smash 2k14 Bootleg)

  • Amy DiamondWhat's In It For Me03:20

  • Andru DonaldsWhat About Love..As My Beating Heart Keeps Tellin' Me..I Don't Want Nobody In Life But You..I Don't Want To Go..For It's Hard To Say Goodbye 04:10

  • The New AgeWhat's In It For Me?01:21

  • Nazareth 1978 No Mean City07 What's In It For Me04:18

  • Deema Feat. Sexy LiyaCallin' You, Because I Realized That I'm In Love Wit U Thoughts Fo' Real, I Mean This What I Feel, Cause I Believin' You I'm So Frustrated, Cause U Got Me Waitin' For Some Immortal Love To You, Cause This Is Love For Me, It's C03:38

  • Amy DiamondWhat's In It For Me (Crash & Smash 2k14 Bootleg)03:05

  • Korn-Another Daddy's Flown Across The Ocean Leaving Just A Memory A Snapshot In The Family Album Daddy, What Else Did You Leave For Me? Daddy, Whatcha Leave Behind For Me? All In All It Was Just A Brick In The Wall All In All It Was All Just Bricks In The Wall We 07:09

  • NazarethWhat’s In It For Me04:21

  • Smash!!TALK TO ME, That's What My Love Is Here For. Can't Stand To See Those Tears In Your Eyes. I'll Do Anything It Takes To Make It04:05

  • Алина КучеренкоWhat's In It For Me 03:18

  • The New AgeWhat's In It For Me (Debt)01:22

  • Amy DiamondWhat's In It For Me (Richie Madano 'Disco' Mix)04:06

  • Plain White T'sOh, I Didn't Mean For This To Go As Far As It Did. And I Didn't Mean To Get So Close And Share What We Did...and I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love, But I Did. And You Didn't Mean To Love Me Back But I Know You Did.04:27

  • Keith BerryTo Me, It's Just An Oddness, For I Listen Through Fingers And Heart. Even If I Can't Hold You In My Hands, I'd Surely Wish You Had It Instead Of Me. Do You See Me Now? What Form Do I Have? What Colour, Then?04:53

  • В.В. (Сусанна Погосян) What's In It For Me03:18

  • Nazareth07. What's In It For Me04:16

  • Pansy DivisionWhat's In It For Me03:23

  • AlphabeatHole In My Heart - And They Can Say What They Want But It Doesn't Mean A Thing, Even If They Went Inside Me And Changed Everything, This Hole Is Nothing That A Doctor Can Cure, It's Not A Disease No, That's For Sure03:26

  • 2 Pac--Can U Get Away When Im Gone ?- I Refuse To Give Up - Cause I Believe In What We Share You're Livin In Prison And What He's Givin Can't Compare Cause Everything I Feel For You I Wanna Let You Know Passion It Be Yours And I'll Never Let You Go Tell Me Can You Get Away ?04:44

  • Фасхетдинова Азалия "VICTORY" УфаWhat`s In It For Me03:17

  • Amy DiamondWhat's In It For Me (New Version)03:27

  • Дарья НироненWhat's In It For Me03:18

  • NAZARETH - No Mean City (1978)07. What's In It For Me04:19

  • NazarethWhat's In It For Me04:22

  • NazarethWhat's In It For Me04:18

  • Faith HillWhat's In It For Me05:33

  • Hospital SportsWhat's In It For Me?04:01