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  • The Diary Of JaneSomething's Getting In The Way Something's Just About To Break I Will Try To Find My Place In The Diary Of Jane So Tell Me How It Should Be Try To Find Out What Makes You Tick As I Lie Down Sore And Sick Do You Like That? Do You Like That? There&a03:18

  • 50 Cent & Snoop DogPimp "I Don't Know What You Heard About Me But A Bitch Can't Get A Dollar Out Of Me No Cadillac, No Perms, You Can't See That I'm A Motherfucking P-I-M-P"04:09

  • EnigmaI`m All Out Of Love, I`m So Lost Without You I Know You Were Right, Believing For So Long I`m All Out Of Love, What Am I Without You I Can`t Be Too Late To Say I Was So Wrong I Want You To Come Back And Carry Me Home04:11

  • 【Undertale】Stronger Than You Response (ver. Frisk)I Didn't Know I Got Into Somehow I Can't Go Back Even If I Really Wanted To So What More Can I Do? Here In The End, It's Just Me And You. I Never Wanted To Play By All The Rules A Knife In Hand, I'm Playing Out The Part Of The Fools So Her02:47

  • Michael Cretu & Andru Donalds Simple Obsession(What About Us Let's Think About Tomorrow With You Not In My Life What About Love As I Try To Make It Every Day I Live Even For The Day Out Of What You Go For It's Hard To Say Goodbye)04:10

  • из фильма "Кокаин" Nothing's Got A Lot, He's Got A Lot To Say.. He's Good At Being What He's Nothing Away.. >> Mr Nothing Is Late..He's Running Out Of Time..04:48

  • Leave Me Out With The Waste This Is Not What I Do It's The Wrong Kind Of Place To Be Thinking Of You It's The Wrong Is That Alright?...........Is That Alright With U?...03:10

  • GorillazMelancholy Hill (Up On Melancholy Hill There’s A Plastic Tree Are You Here With Me Just Looking Out On The Day Of Another Dream Well You Can’t Get What You Want But You Can Get Me So Let’s Set Up And See ‘Cause You Are My Medicine When You’re Close To Me04:15

  • Kings Of ConvenienceI Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp Remix)музыка, Relax, Chillout, Chill Out, Lounge, чилаут, релакс, лаундж - []04:21

  • Sugar BabesEverybody From The Block Needs To Be Feeling Nice It Ain't No Weakest Party But Get Up Enjoy The Ride What You See And What You Hear Can Never Be Exposed Acting Out Of Character Is Everything We Know СТАРЕНЬКАЯ, НО МНЕ ОЧ НРА03:55

  • Souls Of MischiefWhat A Way To Go Out04:00

  • Elliott YaminSo Baby, I Will Wait For You Cause I Don't Know What Else I Can Do, Don't Tell Me I Ran Out Of Time, If It Takes The Rest Of My Life Baby I Will Wait For You, If You Think I'm Fine It Just Ain't True, I Really Need You In My Life, N04:17

  • Lana Del ReyMoney Is The Anthem Of Success So Before We Go Out What's Your Address? I'm Your National Anthem God, You're So Handsome Take Me To The Hamptons Bugatti Veyron He Loves To Romance 'em Reckless Abandon Holding' Me For Ransom Upper Ech05:50

  • Well I'm Sitting Alone.....with My Guitar Slightly Of Tune..... And It's.....a Lovely Night In June...But I Can't Really Tell You, What Is Wrong But All That Comes Out Is Another Sad Song Maybe It's Because I Slept Too Long And Nobody Called Me At The Phone...No I Can't Really Tell You Just What Is Wrong.......03:11

  • Thrash Or DieWhat Do You Mean We're Out Of Beer?03:20


  • The ChariotSomeday, In The Event That Mankind Actually Figures Out What It Is That This World Revovles Around, Thousands Of People Are Going To Be Shocked And Perplexed To Find Out That It Was Not Them. Sometimes This Includes Me.01:58

  • Guess WhatOut Of Range02:27

  • Andru DonaldsI'm All Out Of Love. I'm So Lost Without You... I Know You Were Right, Believing For So Long. I'm All Out Of Love. What Am I Without You? I Can't Be Too Late To Say That I Was Wrong...04:11

  • John LegendAll Of ME минус.04:30

  • Jackie BoyzI See Your Game Before It Starts, I’m Not Playing So Save It, You Ain’t Gonna Disrespect My Heart And Make A Fool Out Of Me, The Way You Lead This On No, I Ain’t That One I’m Not Them Other Girls, You Can’t Do What You Want So Take ...03:17

  • Johanna Gurun JonsdottirYou Say You Really Know Me You're Not Afraid To Show Me What Is In Your Eyes So Tell Me 'bout The Rumours Are They Only Rumours? Are They Only Lies? Falling Out Of A Perfect Dream Coming Out Of The Blue Is It True? (Is It True?) Is It Over? Did 03:13

  • MEM Vs. Orjan NilsenWhat The Fuck Saint Out Of Me (Mr.Zelenkov Pres. Mr.ZeNshup) (party)106:30

  • YellowcardHolly Wood Died (Hey Let Go Of All You Know, And You're Flying Away Now What Have You Got To Lose And Say Out Loud These Words I've Found. I'll Be There When You Come Down - I'll Be Waiting For You=)04:39

  • Dj Ill Will Feat. Ya Boy - Life Of A Rockstar Big Bottles, Champagne Poppin' At My Table Wylin Out With Ya Dame Watchin' I Live The Life Where Being A Broke Nigga Is Not An Option Me And My Ballin' Friends Came For The Same Object Big Fancy Watches, Who Cares What The Time Is I 04:14

  • •●~♥Rihanna-•●~♥A Girl Like Me...[... And It Cut Me Like A Knife When You Walked Out Of My Life....I've, Got All The Symptoms Of A Girl With A Broken Heart But No Matter What You'll Never See Me Cry]04:18

  • Pete MolinariLook What I Made Out Of My Head Ma04:43


  • Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley, Oren AmbarchiNot To Leave Everything To The Light Outside Of You But To Be Aware Of The Payer "What Do I Want To Do?" That Exists Inside You, And Let That Go Out Of You As A Light, Or Things Might Get Worse, No?16:29

  • DividedividedivideWhat Makes 9 Out Of 10 People Happy?02:35

  • Santigold What I'm Searching For To Tell It Straight, I'm Trying To Build A Wall Walking By Myself Down Avenues That Reek Of Time To Kill If You See Me, Keep Going Be A Pass-by Waver Build Me Up, Bring Me Down Just Leave Me Out, You Name-dropper Stop Tryin05:03

  • KlaasI Wanna Get Back To Those Better Days. I Can't Get Out Of My Head What I Felt At This Place.06:00

  • Deep Purple3.Out Of Hand ...Now What?! 201306:10

  • Andrew BelleIn My Veins (Oh, You're In My Veins, And I Cannot Get You Out. Oh, You're All I Taste At Night Inside Of My Mouth, Oh, You Run Away, Cause I Am Not What You Found. Oh, You're In My Veins, And I Cannot Get You Out..)05:19

  • Bassjackers & Afrojack Vs. Bruno Mars - What We Live For Vs. Locked Out Of Heaven (Afrojack Mashup) 03:36

  • A Day To RememberWhat Separates Me From You. Out Of Time03:26

  • HK What? ProductionIn And Out Of Love (Instrumental)03:13