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  • Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break The Day I First Met You You Told Me You Never Fall In Love But Now That I Get You I Know Fear Is What It Really Was Now Here We Are, So Close, Yet So Far Having Not Past The Tense. When Will You Realize Baby Im Not Like The Rest Do03:30

  • Sander Van Doorn Feat. Carol LeeLove Is Darkness "... I Can Tell By Your Face That You're Leaving Me Again You Don't Know What You Want But You Just Need Some Time To Think I Know It's Over But I'm Still Waiting For Another Chance One More Change Of Heart" 03:18

  • Simple PlanYour Love Is A Lie...You Look So Innocent But The Guilt In Your Voice Gives You Away Yeah You Know What I Mean How Does It Feel When You Kiss When You Know That I Trust You And Do You Think About Me When He Fucks You? Could You Be More Obscene?03:42

  • Perfect MusicUrban Love Feat. Benjamin - This Is What It Feels Like (DiscoRocks Remix)05:33

  • Painted WaterWhat It Is To Love []02:31

  • MaudeLove Is What You Make Of It (les Anges De La Telerealite )03:32

  • Впечатлительные люди (Иван Далматов - Голос 4)"Relax, Take It Easy" / "Sexy Back" / "What Is Love"04:00

  • MaudeLove Is What You Make Of It03:32

  • Alex Band-One Very Beautiful Song! You Do Not Love Such, Will Say That It Is Sad, But Make An Attempt Listen The Words Of This Song And Understand About What It! Not Look In A Translator! Successes, Colin Wh)03:38

  • ♫ Ramzi Ft. Ash King & Massari Love Is Blind! I See You All The Time Never See You Smile I Try To Picture What's Going On In Your Mind He Leaves You Every Night By Yourself He Took Your Love And Put It On The Shelf He Doesn't Really Care How You Feel.. (Любовь слепа....)04:16

  • HaddawayWhat Is Love (Ripto Remix) [Dubstep] - Baby Don't Hurt Me,Oh I Don't Know Why You're Not Fair I Give You My Love But You Don't Care So What Is Right And What Is Wrong,I Want No Other No Other Love,I Need You Forever Is It Love05:36

  • Dj Move It VS HaddawayWhat Is Love (Cha Cha Cha 31 Bpm)02:42

  • Liz McClarnonWomen In Love...With You Eternally Mine, In Love There Is No Measure Of Time. We Planned It All At The Start,That You And I Live In Each Other's Hearts...We May Be Oceans Away,You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say No Truth Is Ever A Lie, I Stumble And03:23

  • Basto Vs. Speedmaster ProjectWhat Is Love (Give It To Me) (Jack Wonder Mashup)05:07

  • Jennifer Paige Feat. Nick Carter-Beautiful Lie If This Isn’t Love What Did Feel Inside It This Ain’t Love How Could You Look In My Eyes Cause My Heart Is Breakin’, Not Falling This Time This Can’t Be Love Now I Know You’re A Beautiful Lie03:19

  • - Addicted To Love – The Lights Are On, But You’re Not Home, Your Mind Is Not Your Own, Your Heart Sweats, Your Body Shakes, Another Kiss Is What It Takes, You Can’t Sleep, You Can’t Eat, There’s No Doubt, You’re In Deep, Your Throat Is Tight, You Can Eep, Your Throat Is03:14

  • L-radio 104.9FMUrban Love Feat. Benjamin - This Is What It Feels Like (DiscoRocks Remix)03:56

  • Armin Van Buuren & Trevor GuthrieThis Is What It Feels Like Feat. Trevor Guthrie David Guetta Remix ~I LOVE TRANCE~05:30

  • Selena Gomez & The SceneLive Like There’s No Tomorrow, (cause All We Have Is Here Right Now) Love Like It’s All That We Know. (The Only Chance That We Ever Found) Believe In What We Feel Inside, Believe In It And It’ll Never Die. Don't Never Let This Life Pass Us By. Liv04:08

  • StarsailorI Don't Know What Love Is But I Think I Had It See That Poor Girl With The Glint In Her Eye She Could Turn You That Way If You're Willing To Try Don't You Worry About Your Friends And The Time They're Having They Are On The Outside And Th03:21

  • Enrique Iglesias It Must Be Love Baby Coz It Is Killing Me Looking In Your Eyes It Must Be Love Coz Every Time You Walk Away I Just Fall Apart And I Do Not Know What It Is, But I Feel I Am In Too Deep 03:44

  • Florence And The Machine - Addicted To Love((03:20

  • La RouxWe Can Fight Our Desires But When We Start Making Fires We Get Ever So Hot Whether We Like It Or Not They Say We Can Love Who We Trust But What Is Love Without Lust? Two Hearts With Accurate Devotions And What Are Feelings Without Emotions? I'm05:11

  • БумбоксDate With Another Ten....Cash's Becoming The Matter Of Life. What Is Wrong? What Is Right? Oh, Can We Live Without It? Only Love Is Much Bigger Than Time And A Crime But For Now Pardon Me I Doubt It.....03:28

  • BossonWe Will Meet Again It's Hard To Say Goodbye It Hurts To Be Alone And All That Is Left Is A Memory To Love And To Keep As A Part Of Me It's You, No One Else But You Say What Can I Do I Miss You So It's Hard To Let You Go It&04:35

  • JurdBeatsWhat Is It Love (Red.)02:56

  • CrySHLMy Name Is Pinkie Pie And I Am Here To Say I'm Gonna Make You Smile And I Will Brighten Up Your Day It Doesn't Matter Now If You Are Sad Or Blue Cuz Cheering Up My Friends Is Just What Pinkie's Here To Do! Cuz I Love To Make You Smile, Smi03:26

  • Kyddiekafka Something I Dont Know What Is But I Love It02:49

  • Patty Ryan-You're My Love, You're My Life Every Day, Every Night Is It Right What I Feel How I Wish You Were For Real You're My Love, You're My Life Every Day, Every Night In My Dreams I'm With You Will You Make My Dreams Come True I'm All A04:28

  • Chris ReaI Don't Know What It Is But I Love It03:35

  • Question Authority! - (2015)11 - Masterpiece – Love Is What You Make It (1980)04:23

  • Garbage(Queer) This Is What He Pays Me For... I'll Show You How It's Done. You Learn To Love The Pain You Feel Like Father, Like Son .The Queerest Of The Queer, The Strangest Of The Strange ,the Coldest Of The Cool ,the Lamest Of The Lame,the Numbest Of The Du04:38

  • ♫ Barbara StreisandWith You Eternally Mine In Love There Is No Measure Of Time. We Planned It All At The Start , That You And I Would Live In Each Other's Hearts. We May Be Oceans Away You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say...03:54

  • Scorpions - Rhythm Of LoveТекст песни Scorpions - Rhythm Of Love Music :rudolf Schenker Lyrics:klaus Meine Lets Spend The Night Together I Know You Want It Too The Magic Of The Moment Is What Ive Got For You The Heartbeat Of This Night Is Made To Lose Control And There Is04:39

  • Юлія РайHello! Is It Me You’re Looking For? I Can See It In Your Eyes I Can See It In Your Smile You’re All I’ve Ever Wanted And My Arms Are Open Wide Because You Know Just What To Say And You Know Just What To Do And I Want To Tell You So Much I Love You..04:08

  • My Soul Is Crying, Without Asking Why...I Said Te Amo, Wouldn’t Somebody Tell Me What She Said...Don’t It Mean I Love You...Think It Means I Love You...Don’t It Mean I Love You... 03:58