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  • Elliott YaminSo Why Does Your Pride Make You Run And Hide? Are You That Afraid Of Me? But I Know It's A Lie What You Keep Inside This Is Not How You Wanted To Be....So Baby I Will Wait For You Cause I Don't Know What Else I Can Do Don't Tell Me I Ran 04:19

  • Paolo And Isabella What Dreams Are Made Of... Have You Ever Seen Such A Beautiful Night? I Could Almost Kiss The Stars, For Shining So Bright When I See You Smiling, I Go-oh Oh Ohh I Would Never Want To Miss This In My Heart, I Know What This Is... ]03:04

  • HadiseDum Tek Tek [Baby You're Perfect For Me You Are My Gift From Heaven This Is The Greatest Story Of All Times We Met In Like In A Movie So Meant To Last Forever And What You're Doing To Me Feels So Fine Angel I Wake Up And Live My Dreams 02:58

  • Dj KirillOFFThis Is What We Are Waiting For04:23

  • Kanye West Feat. Jay-ZHello, Can I Speak To A, A, Yeah You Know Who You Are Look, You Had No Idea What Ya Dealing With Something On Some Of This Realest Sh-t Something, Something Yeah. Thats My Bitch)) I Paid For Them Titties, Get Your Own It Aint Safe In The City...04:02

  • Даб степImagine Violet Sky The End Of The Day, Sunset We Are Free To Fly Finally We Found What We've Been Looking For All This Time03:59

  • A Broken SilenceMarch To This Destiny / What Are We Waiting For (Life Is So Wonderful)05:08

  • Paris HiltonStars Are Blind(I Can Make You Nice And Naughty )Be The Devil And Angel Too) Got A Heart And Soul And Body) Let's See What This Love Can Do) Baby I'm Perfect For You;)))03:54

  • Summer In GeorgiaWhat Are Looking For This Summer™02:50

  • A Broken SilenceMarch To This Victory-What Are We Waiting For05:09

  • AcharuliGandagana (What Are Looking For This Summer?)04:32

  • This Many BoyfriendsThat's What Diaries Are For02:15

  • DrillbitBreakcore Fuckn Sucks Mate, What The Fuck Are You Into This Shit For03:21

  • DrugzillaWhat Kind Of Drugs Are We Going To Need For This01:48