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  • Sia- I Go To Sleepღ♥ღlღ♥ღl.•♥•.I Was Wrong, I Will Cry, I Will Love You Till The Day I Die, You Were All, You Alone And No One Else, You Were Meant For Me ღ♥ღl.•♥•.03:46

  • Serge Devant And Emma HewittDon't Go Underground Without Me, Please Take Me To Your World... In The Night I Found You, Now I Walk Without You Thought I Would Be Safer Here, But All I See Is Where You WERE... Now The Night Surrounds You, And I Walk Without You... Where Are Yo03:41

  • Teach InIm Alone There Was A Time That I Knew You Were Mine, But The Dreams Of Today Fly Away, I'm Alone Again. Where Can I Go? I Don't Know What To Do Without You. I'm Alone. When I Need Love, I Need You By My Side, You're That Who Treats Me Rig02:59

  • \ Letting Go, Cause I Know. You Were Only Half Way There. Even Though, We Were Close. I Was Holding On Just Long Enough To Know. I Should Be Letting Go. I Should Be Letting Go.03:28

  • Britney SpearsShattered Glass Flashlight RemixWas It Really Worth It? Was She Everything, That You Were Looking For? (Feel Like A Man). I Hope You Know That, You Can't Go Back. Cause All We Had, Is Broken Like Shattered Glass.03:22

  • Ivan will Help You Learn How To Fly, How To Fly. Do You Remember When You Were Younger. You Didn’t Worry For A Day.  Now All The Questions And No Direction.  They Make Our Reasons Insane.  It’s Time You Released Yourself.  Before You Can Let Go  I WillHelp You Fly (Евровидение 2016 Беларусь)03:08

  • Stas S. МинусEasy Come Easy Go That's Just How You Live Oh Take Take Take It All But You Never Give. Should Of Known You Were Trouble From The First Kiss Had Your Eyes Wide Open, Why Were They Open? Gave You All I Had And You Tossed It In The Trash, You Tossed It 03:34

  • ๑۩۩๑Richard Marx & Donna LewisLife Is The Road (OST Анастасия) (We Were Strangers, Starting Out On A Journey Never Dreaming, What We'd Have To Go Through Now Here We Are, I'm Suddenly Standing At The Beginning With You..)03:40

  • ц.Слово истиныБесконечно благ (Were You Go I Go)09:48

  • ParamoreAnother Day...And If You Listen To Me: I Miss You And If You Hear Me Now: I Need You Where Did You Go Cause You're Not Gone Everyone Knows That Something Is Wrong The Wires Were Cut And I'm Alone03:30

  • ✿ From Sochi 2010✖ Keri HilsonI Like-And The World Around Us Wont Stop Turning To Night, I Like, I Like, I'm Losing Control Right Now And I Feel Its Right, I Like, I Like, Were Caught In This Moment I Wont Let You Go, And The World Around Us Wont Stop Turning Tonight, I Like03:40

  • David Vendetta Feat. Rachael StarrBleeding Heart ..what Would My Life Be Living In Your Arms - I Feel I'll Never Know, And What Would You Say, If I Were To Stay And Just Go Your Way...03:48

  • Austin-Mahone - Heart-in-my-Hand- Well, Let’s Go Back To The Day. When I Saw Your Face For The Very First Time. Well Let’s Go Back Again When I Held Your Hand. Stare Into Your Eyes. Cause I Knew You Were The One. But My Life Has Just Begun. Baby, You Can Count On Me. Cause Your Heart-02:25

  • Taylor Swift And Passenger I Knew You Were Trouble/Let Her Go (Mashup)04:06

  • Cody JohnsonI Wouldn't Go There If I Were You03:42

  • David Vendetta Feat. Rachael StarrBleeding Heart (Cosa Nostra Mix) - ...what Would My Life Be Living In Your Arms - I Feel I'll Never Know, And What Would You Say, If I Were To Stay And Just Go Your Way...08:37

  • Ханна Монтана - & Miley CyrusIf We Were A Movie (remix) Uh Oh, There You Go Again Talkin' Cinematic Yeah You, You're Charming, Got Everybody Star Struck I Know, How You Always Seem To Go For The Obvious Instead Of Me But Get A Ticket And You'll See [Chorus:] If We 03:07

  • Lil WayneShe Said Oh, She Said Whoa, I Said Slow? She Said No! She Said No, You Gotta Go, I Said I Know...she Said Nooooo!!! Man Everytime Im With This Chick, We Fuck Like Were In A Relashionship, I Wanna Stay Forever But I LOVE EM' AND LEAVE 03:38

  • Vbots.ruIf You're A Lover, You Should Know The Lonely Moments Just Get Lonelier The Longer You're In Love Than If You Were Alone Memories Turn Into Daydreams Become A Taboo I Don't Want To Be Afraid The Deeper That I Go It Takes My Breath Away Soft Hearts Electric Souls Heart To Heart And Eyes To Eyes Is This Taboo?00:17

  • Breeze & RitmenIf I Were You ( I Would Never Let Me Go, I Would Always ... )04:57

  • Vbots.ruHello, It’s Me.I Was Wondering.If After All These Years.You’d Like To Meet.To Go Over.Everything.They Say That Time’s Supposed To Heal Yeah But I Ain’t Done Much Healing.Hello, Can You Hear Me?I'm In California Dreaming About Who We Used To Be.When We Were Younger And Free.I've Forgotten How It Felt Before The World Fell At Our Feet.00:23

  • They Go Boom!I Wish You Were Someone Else03:08

  • Cheese PeopleI Wanted To Go With You Far-far Away I Wanted Just You, Nobody Another I Knew Were I'm Going I Chose A Wrong Way But Now I Can Stop It But Now I Would Rather03:24

  • We FiveI Can Never Go Home Again (You Were On My Mind, 1965)02:28

  • Prefuse 73I Knew You Were Gonna Go04:01

  • Prefuse 73I Knew You Were Gonna Go04:01

  • НеизвестенWere_You_go_I_go_lt11:39

  • Vbots.ruYou're Beside Me On The Seat Got Your Hand Between My Knees And You Control How Fast We Go By Just How Hard You Wanna Squeeze It's Hard To Steer When You're Breathing In My Ear But I Got Both Hands On The Wheel While You Got Both Hands On My Gears By Now, No Doubt That We Were Heading South I Guess Nobody Ever Taught Her Not To Speak With A Full Mouth00:20

  • They Go Boom!!I Wish You Were Someone Else03:06

  • Arctic MonkeysIf You Were There, Beware ( ☛ PRO I GO GO ☚ )04:34

  • Prefuse 73I Knew You Were Gonna Go04:01