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  • Selena Gomez The World Can Be A Nasty Place You Know It, I Know It, Yeah We Don't Have To Fall From Grace Put Down The Weapons You Fight With [Chorus] Kill 'em With Kindness Kill 'em With Kindness Kill 'em, Kill 'em, Kill 'em WitKill Em With Kindness03:37

  • Francois RousseauThe Night We Danced Without A Care ( Реальные пацаны - Семейный конфликт 03:30

  • Savage GardenTo The Moon And Back " I Would Fly To The Moon And Back If You'll Be My Baby Got A Ticket For A World Where We Belong So Would You Be My Baby? ..."1993 Австралия04:13

  • Sensation White «We Celebrate Life With House» Amsterdam 2010 [megamix]12.Fedde Le Grand Vs Empire Of The Sun - Amplifier Vs Walking On A Dream [Goodwill Bootleg] 13.Cirez D – On/Off [Original Mix] 14.Black Eyed Peas – I Got A Feeling [David Guetta Remix] 15.Laidback Luke – Step By Step [Abel Ramos10:11

  • There's A LightWe Choose To Go To The Moon04:07

  • ♥ Daron Malakian We Are The System Of A Down ♥01:50

  • Rihanna-StayAll Along It Was A Fever A Cold With High-headed Believers I Threw My Hands In The Air I Said Show Me Something He Said, If You Dare Come A Little Closer Round And Around And Around And Around We Go Ohhh Now Tell Me Now Tell Me Now Tell Me Now You Know 03:56

  • Selena Gomez The world can be a nasty place You know it, I know it, yeah We don’t have to fall from grace Put down the weapons you fight with Kill 'em with kindness Kill 'em with kindness Kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em with kindness KiKill Em With Kindness03:37

  • Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa Vs Knife Party & SHM Vs. The Chemical BrothersHere We Antidote (A&G Mashup)06:07

  • Galantis Think I Can Fly, Think I Can Fly When I'm With You, My Arms Are Wide, Catching Fire As The Wind Blows. I Know That I'm Rich Enough For Pride, I See A Billion Dollars In Your Eyes, Even If We're Strangers ‘til We Die, I Wanna Run Away,Runaway (U&I)03:44

  • Andrea Bocelli & Katherine Jenkins - I BelieveI Believe In The People Of All Nations To Join And To Care For Love. I Believe In A World Where Light Will Guide Us And Giving Our Love WE'll MAKE HEAVEN ON EARTH. 04:24

  • Cliff MartinezAre We Having A Party (OST The Neon Demon)05:21

  • Rihana Ft. Calvin Harris Shine A Light Through An Open Door.Love And Life I Will Divide,turn Away Cause I Need You More.Feel The Heartbeat In My Mind It's The Way I'm Feeling I Just Can't Deny.But I've Gotta Let It Go We Found Love In A Hopeless Place ...☻03:23

  • The Disney Holiday ChorusWe Wish You A Merry Christmas01:44

  • Suzy (miss A) 왜 이럴까 (Why Am I Like This) - 너사시 (The Time We Were Not In Love) OST03:38

  • ScorpionsStill Loving You(If We'd Go Again All The Way From The Start I Would Try To Change The Things That Killed Our Love Yes, I've Hurt Your Pride And I Know What You've Been Through You Should Give Me A Chance This Can't Be The End I'm Stil06:08

  • Glee CastGive Your Heart A Break The Day I First Met You You Told Me You Never Fall In Love But Now That I Get You I Know Fear Is What It Really Was Now Here We Are, So Close, Yet So Far Having Not Past The Tense. When Will You Realize Baby Im Not Like The Rest Do03:30

  • ♡ We The Kings Feat. Demi LovatoWe'll Be A Dream. (OST The Vampire Diaries/ 1 Season,20 Episode)03:53

  • There's A LightWe Choose To Go To The Moon04:09

  • Oliver-Koletzki-ft-Fran-HypnotizedI Catch Your Eyes, Try Not To Smile. I Check Your Style. I Feel Your Wise. We Have A Drink, Then Go Outside. Talk For A While, And Then We ... Kiss! We Play The Game, Start To Move. I Feel My Heart, You Feel The Beat. I Take Your Hands, You Turn Arou03:33

  • [Far East Movement Feat. The Cataracs][Poppin Bottles In The Ice, Like A Blizzard When We Drink We Do It Right Gettin Slizzard Sippin Sizzurp In My Ride, In My Ride, Like Three 6 Now I'm Feelin So Fly Like A G6]03:38

  • We Draw ATears From The Sun05:06

  • System Of A Down We Are The System Of A Down02:00

  • I WANNA SEE YOU SMILEPlease Leave A Message After The Tone, And We'll Get Back To You As Soon As Possible03:15

  • The Words We UseFor The First Time In A Long Time03:46

  • UmberThe Day We Left For Earth (Need A Name Remix)03:58

  • Cute Is What We Aim For (NHL 07, TMNT The Video Game SoundTrack)There's A Class For This03:36

  • The PiercesSaturday Night, We Look Alright We're Going Out... Boring...Nothing Thrills Us Anymore No One Kills Us Anymore Life Is Such A Chore When It's…. Boring...Boring---- Paris,France,London, Boy, Girl On Girl,...boring..03:28

  • About A Plane CrashWe Operate The Deceased05:18

  • Охуеееенный клубняк) DJ DimixeR! КЛУБНЯК 2011! ЛЕТО IBIZA 2011 БОРОДАЧ ОТДЫХАЕТ! – WE WANT SUMMER! Ренесанс, Ак - 47, Витя Ак, Ноггано, Купэ, 4к, ГАМОРА, Nintendo, 50 Cent, Eminem, Byonce, Mery Key, The Chemodan Clan, Восточный Округ, Сявадетям до 16(Цао Rec.) ➨ Самая новая отборная музыка только у нас Http:// On A Meteorite(Alex Van Bass Aka DJ Solovey Remix)на звонок Kazantip 2012 Tektonik Electro House Hard Bass летнее техно 2012 новый год январь февра04:19

  • Once I Was Seven Years Old, My Mama Told Me Go Make Yourself Some Friends Or You'll Be Lonely. Once I Was Seven Years Old. It Was A Big Big World, But We Thought We Were Bigger. Pushing Each Other To The Limits, We Were Learning Quicker. By Eleven Smoкайф03:57

  • OPEN KIDS It Will Take Some Milk And Flakes For Happiness Drop Vanilla To Start A | New Day Just A Moment Goes To Cross The Universe Take My Hands And We’ll Fly | Away Our Brand New Winged Sneakers Kick So Highly With The Snowy White Feathers. Mm... GonMilky Way03:06

  • The Words We UseFor The First Time In A Long Time03:46

  • CIRCThe Night We Danced Without A Care03:30

  • El_Txef_AThe Love We Lost Feat. Woolfy (Bedouin Remix)07:47

  • Havana Brown Feat. Pitbull & Favorite & A-OneWe Run The Night (Dj Nitkin Mashup 2013) (

  • Black Veil BridesIn The End As We Fade Into The Night Who Will Tell The Story Of Your Life In The End As My Soul’s Laid To Rest What Is Left Of My Body Or Am I Just A Shell And I Have Fought And With Flesh And Blood I Commanded An Army Through It All I Have Given My Heart03:48

  • StereophonicsWe Share The Same Sun ( A=432Hz ) ✓03:44

  • Mathbonus I Know A Cave On The Moon We Can Visit05:28

  • Queen We A The Champions01:13

  • Bad Boys BlueYou're A Woman I'm A Man This Is More Than Just A Game I Can Make You Feel So Right Be My Lady Of The Night You're A Woman I'm A Man You're My Fortune I'm Your Fame These Are Things We Can't Disguise Be My Lady Of The Night03:51

  • James Newton Howard Feat. Jennifer LawrenceAre You, Are You Coming To The Tree They Strung Up A Man They Say Who Murdered Three. Strange Things Did Happen Here No Stranger Would It Be If We Met At Midnight In The Hanging Tree. Are You, Are You Coming To The Tree Where Dead Man Called Out For His 04:33

  • Jeremih Feat. 50 Cent - Down On MeI Love The Way You Grind With That Booty On Me Shorty You A Dime Why You Looking Lonely We’ll Buy Another Round And It’s All On Me As Long As I’m Around Put It Down On Me Just Put It Down On Me Put It Down On Me Down Down On Me Don’t Throw It Off T03:48

  • The SubwaysWe Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time03:13

  • A Winged Victory For The SullenWe Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Again06:18

  • Scorpions - I'm Still Loving You If We'd Go Again All The Way From The Start I Would Try To Change The Things That Killed Our Love Your Pride Has Built A Wall So Strong That I Can't Get Through Is There Really No Chance To Start Once Again?..I'm Loving You!..05:19

  • The Fall Of TroyWe Better Learn To Hotwire A Uterus02:10

  • Marina And The DiamondsYou’re Hard To Hug, Tough To Talk To, You Never Fall Asleep, When You’re In My Bed, All You Give Me Is A Heart Beat. I’ve Turned Into A Statue And It Makes Me Feel Depressed. Cause The Only Time You Open Up Is When We Get Undressed. 03:31

  • The Subways We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time03:13

  • We Are The Fallen Like A Prayer04:18

  • El Txef A Feat WoolfyThe Love We Lost (Bedouin Remix)06:59

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