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  • NickelbackNever Gonna Be Alone (I Won't Let You Fall. When All Hope Is Gone, I Know That You Can Carry On. We're Gonna See The World Out, I'll Hold You 'til The Hurt Is Gone. Ooooh! You've Gotta Live Every Single Day, Like It's 03:47

  • Korn...We`re The Pain, We`re The Shame, We've Gone Insane Inside Where No One's Around. I Am To Blame For Everything I Like This Game, That You All Make Me Play. I'm Done Being There For Others, They Have Their Pain And So Do I. Don't Need03:23

  • The Goo Goo DollsWe'll Be Here(When You're Gone)[2006]03:29

  • Nicole Scherzinger - Try With MeWhy's It Feel Like You're There When You're Already Gone Why's It Feel Like You Care When I Know That You Don't Everybody Needs A Chance At Love That's All We Need If You Wanna Have A Chance At Us Then Try With Me03:59

  • Sting Feet. Puff DaddyWords Can't Express What You Mean To Me Even Though You're Gone, We Still A Team Can't Imagine All The Pain I Feel Give Anything To Hear Half Your Breath I Know You In Heaven Smiling Down In My Heart Is Where I Keep You Memories Give Me The 03:43

  • WelI'm Alone And You're Well Gone And I Can't Fight It You Said Good And I Asked Why And Started Crying I Can't Did You Mean What You Said When We Were Cuddlin' Do You Still Look Up At The Moon Like You Said You Would At 3:02 In The Mornin04:15

  • •••Eric Saade•••-Break Of Dawn•••Think About Home When You're Far Away, Think About Me When I Wake Up And You're Gone, At The Break Of Dawn. Think About Us When We Said Forever, Think About Me And Remember I'm Alone, At The Break Of Dawn...At The Break Of Dawn.03:31

  • I Keep Your Picture Beside My Bed And I Still Remember Everything You Said I Always Thought Our Love Was So Right I Guess I Was Always Thought You`d Be By My Side Papa Now You`re Gone What I Wanna Know Baby What We Had Was Good How Come You Don`t Call Me 04:23

  • ParamoreMonster | I’ll Stop The Whole World, I’ll Stop The Whole World From Turning Into A Monster, Eating Us Alive Don’t You Ever Wonder How We’ve Survived? Well, Now That You’re Gone, The World..|03:19

  • Avenged SevenfoldWarmness On The Soul (Single Version)Your Hazel Green Tint Eyes Watching Every Move I Make. And That Feeling Of Doubt, It's Erased. I'll Never Feel Alone Again With You By My Side. You're The One, And In You I Confide. And We Have Gone Thr04:20

  • Goo Goo DollsWe'll Be There (When You're Gone) [Acoustic]03:17

  • Maddi Jane - If This Was A MovieLast Night I Heard My Own Heart Beating Sounded Like Footsteps On The Stairs Six Months Gone, I'm Still Reaching Even Though I Know You're Not There I Was Playing Back A Thousand Memories, Baby Thinking 'bout Everything We've Been Through 04:06

  • WHITE HEAT [Melodic Hard Rock-Canada] ''We Never Heard Of You Either'' [1989]When You're Gone04:35

  • You Never Know A Good Thing Until It's Gone You Never See A Crash Until It's Head On All These People Right When WeYou Never Know A Good Thing Until It's Gone You Never See A Crash Until It's Head On All These People Right When We're Dead Wrong, You Never Know A Good Thing Till It's Gone...02:58

  • 2 Pac--Can U Get Away When Im Gone ?- I Refuse To Give Up - Cause I Believe In What We Share You're Livin In Prison And What He's Givin Can't Compare Cause Everything I Feel For You I Wanna Let You Know Passion It Be Yours And I'll Never Let You Go Tell Me Can You Get Away ?04:44

  • [JLS][Kickstart] Would Have Done More Than Anything Back Then To Make You Smile (oohh) To The End Of The Earth And Back To Protect All That We Had Now It’s Done (now It's Done) And I’m Gone (I'm Gone) But You’re Back Here In My Face S03:10

  • Nicole ScherzingerAnd you said, leave your keys on the counter And you said, call me back at eight I don't care, that you left me  There for hours But you said, we had what it takes Why's it feel like you're there When you're already gone Why's it feel03:55