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  • EminemWe Made You (Ray Volpe Remix)03:07

  • Aaron GillespieWe Were Made For You03:32

  • EminemWe Made You (Gangsta Fun Remix)04:42

  • Sunrise AvenueOut Of My Life, Out Of My Mind Out Of The Tears We Can't Deny We Need To Swallow All Our Pride And Leave This Mess Behind Out Of My Head, Out Of My Bed Out Of The Dreams We Had, They're Bad Tell Them It's Me Who Made You Sad (Acoustic Version)03:45

  • CombichristWe Were Made To Love You03:50

  • EminemWe Made You04:47

  • ♋ Within TemptationYou Took My Heart, Deceived Me Right From The Start. You Showed Me Dreams, I Wished They Would Turn Into Real. You Broke Your Promise And Made Me Realise... It Was All Just A Lie! Could Have Been Forever, Now We Have Reached The End!!04:00

  • EminemWe Made You (Live)04:15

  • Nicole Scherzinger -You Are My Baby LoveIn A Minute Now We're Still Holding It Down Butterflies Everytime He Come Around You Make Me, So Crazy, Its Crazy, Ohh Baby I Don't Ever Wanna Be With No One Else You're The Only One That Ever Made Me Mad You're Special, Boy It's Your,03:34

  • MaybeWe Made It Hurt So Much, I Can't Forget The Past Just Tell Me What To Say,show Me What To Do Then I Could Forgive Me And I Would Forgive You03:23

  • Емінем)We Made You04:47

  • One Less ReasonA Day To Be Alone ...If I Could Shrink It Down And Put It In Your Hands.We Made It Hurt So Much I Can't Forget The Past.Just Tell Me What To Say,show Me What To Do.Then I Could Forgive Me And I Could Forgive You...04:32

  • One DirectionHappily [Harry] You Don't Understand, You Don't Understand What You Do To Me When You Hold His Hand We Were Meant To Be, But It's Just A Fade Made It So We Had To Walk Away [Niall/All] 'Cause We're On Fire, We're On On Fire We'02:55

  • EminemWe Made You (Gangsta Fun Remix) [2012 Remaster]04:44

  • Aaron GillespieWe Were Made For You03:30

  • EminemWe Made You And Crack A Bottle04:33

  • EminemWe Made You (OutaMatic Remix)05:26

  • ♫ BAND MUSICEminem We Made You (OutaMatic Remix)05:07

  • Ben Cocks (песня из рекламы МТС)When The Sun Comes, You're My Shade When The Moon Comes, Your're A Little Firefly I Love You More Than I Can Say No I'll Never Fly Away I'm Your Firefly, I'm Your Shade I Wanna Live In A House That We've Made I Wanna Love Yo02:48

  • Cliff MartinezWe Could Have Made A Difference (OST The Company You Keep)02:37

  • EminemWe Made You (Gangsta Fun Remix) [ | Bassboosted By CreDim]04:42

  • Boyce AvenueAll The While..I Don't Know What Made Us Lose Our Way We Said Some Things We Thought We'd Never Say It Never Did Come Easy I Always Fought For What Felt Right Cause You're The One I Want Here In My Life..03:34

  • Nicole Scherzinger и Will.I.Am ♥ Baby LoveFirst Kiss And I Knew You Changed The Game... You Had Me, Exactly, Where You Wanted... And I'm On It, And I Aint Ever Gon Let You Get Away... Holding Hands Never Made Me Feel This Way... So Special, Boy Its Your... Your Smile, We So In Love♥04:29

  • Eminem Feat Emy WinehouseWe Made You04:29

  • Oi Va Voi-Yesterday's Mistakes. You Said You Needed Me, Or At Least That's What I Thought. At Times The Memories Seem To Be Knocking At My Door. I've Seen The Film A Million Times Feels Like I Wrote The Storyline I Refuse To Replay The Mistakes That We Made Yesterday. 04:40

  • Decyfer DownLike Shooting Stars How Brief We Are And I Wish This Moment Could Last Forever Here With You I Am Made New I Want To Live Like Every Breath Matters You Are Not So Far Away, Just Hear Me When I Say I Want To Love What You Love, I Want To See What You See 04:09

  • Sterling Knight - What You Mean To Me I Can't Blame You For Thinking That You Never Really Knew Me At All I Tried To Deny You But Nothing Ever Made Me Feel So Wrong I Thought I Was Protecting You From Everything That I Go Through But I Know That We Got Lost Along The Way Here I Am04:17

  • EminemWe Made You Dubstep (REMIX)Download04:42

  • Eminem We Made You (Ray Volpe Trap Remix)03:07

  • BlueCurtain Falls....We Come From Humble Beginnings And Who Could Have Guessed It When You Sit And Doubt It And Things Aint All That Bright But We Made It Through The Night It's Like A Game Of Truth Or Dare If You Can Make It Here You'll Make I03:40

  • CombichristWe Were Made To Love You03:50

  • EminemWe Made You (Gangsta Fun Remix) [ | Bassboosted]04:42

  • Sheryl CrowMy Favorite Mistake (i Woke Up And Called This Morning, The Tone Of Your Voice Was A Warning That You Don't Care For Me Anymore... I Made Up The Bed We Sleep In, I Looked At The Clock When You Creep In, It's 6 AM And I'm Alone...)04:07

  • Aaron GillespieWe Were Made For You (acoustic) (

  • Eminem/We Made Youрингтон на мобилу00:46

  • EminemWe Made You04:48