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  • Tony MomrelleWhat You Waitin’ For (Reel People Vocal Mix)06:20

  • Demi LovatoWaitin' For You (feat. Sirah)03:11

  • FetsumWaitin' For You (Paskal & Urban Asbolutes)05:47

  • Tony MomrelleWhat You Waitin’ For (Richard Earnshaw Remix)05:40

  • Tony MomrelleWhat You Waitin' For (Scott Diaz Onwards Dub) -MXM06:46

  • Jane CheetahI Will Be Right Here Waitin' For You (Richard Marx Cover)03:07

  • Benassi Bros. Feat. JBWaitin' For You (Sfaction Version)05:42

  • Gwen StefaniWhat You Waitin For03:41

  • FetsumFetsum - Waitin' For You (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix)04:31

  • Forestbeats I'm Waitin' For You02:29

  • Dj Tiesto- Do What You WantWhen Our Eyes Met I Just Can't Believe You're With Someone Else With, One Kiss, You Have Me I Wanna Look Into Your Eyes To Feel A Little Special, Place.. If You Ever Need Me I've Been Waitin' For So Long Startin' To04:25

  • Chamillionaire Feat. Akon[Intro - Chamillionaire] I'm Lookin In My Rearview And I Can See A Clearer View Of You This Is The Remix... I See You Waitin, I Know You Hatin... [Chorus - Akon] I See Them Watchin, They Waitin For An Opportunity To Ride Up On Me Hopin They Don't03:11

  • FetsumWaitin' For You (Intellectual Café)04:05

  • Demi LovatoWaitin For You (feat. Sirah) (Official Instrumental)03:12

  • Tony MomrelleWhat You Waitin For (Richard Earnshaw Remix)05:40

  • Benassi Bros.Waitin' For You05:44

  • Demi LovatoWaitin For You (feat. Sirah) (Preview)00:19

  • Benny BeeWaitin' For You (Trance)08:09

  • Benny BeeWaitin' For You (Radio Edit)03:58

  • Deema Feat. Sexy LiyaCallin' You, Because I Realized That I'm In Love Wit U Thoughts Fo' Real, I Mean This What I Feel, Cause I Believin' You I'm So Frustrated, Cause U Got Me Waitin' For Some Immortal Love To You, Cause This Is Love For Me, It's C03:38

  • Benny BenassiWaitin' For You 05:44

  • FetsumWaitin’ For You (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)04:04

  • Tony MomrelleWhat You Waitin' For (Reel People Vocal Mix)05:34

  • Tony MomrelleWhat You Waitin' For (Scott Diaz Onwards Dub Instrumental)06:46

  • Skee-LoWaitin' For You03:27

  • Demi Lovato Ft. Sirah Waitin For You (Instrumental) (Prod. By Evigan, Mac, Allan)03:12

  • Tero BeatzI'm Waitin' For You04:39

  • FetsumWaitin' For You (Rockford Inc Anastrophe Remix)06:50

  • Skee-LoWaitin' For You03:27

  • FetsumWaitin' For You04:02

  • StargardWhat You Waitin' For07:27

  • Benny BeeWaitin' For You (Extended)06:16

  • MileyFinally I've Been Waitin' For This Moment For You To See The Real Me It's Been An Illusion I Never Meant To Fool You I Got Caught Up In A Fantasy. I'm Just A Girl With A Dream That Got The Best Of Me In A World, That Believes Fame Is Ever03:35

  • Tony Momrelle What You Waitin' For (Scott Diaz Onwards Dub#03:00

  • Gwen StefaniWhat You Waitin' For03:41

  • Benny BeeWaitin' For You (Trance Instrumental)08:05

  • Benny BeeWaitin' For You (A Cappella+FX)05:12

  • MONTROSE - Jump On It (1976)02. What Are You Waitin' For?03:48

  • Benny BeeWaitin' For You (Extended Instrumental)06:05

  • Demi LovatoWaitin For You (feat. Sirah) (Preview)00:13

  • The Crooked Man OSTDarkness' Beginning (I'm Waitin' For You)00:29