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  • Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards (1972) Rainbow Demon04:24

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon04:28

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon 03:36

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon (1972)04:24

  • Uriah Heep 1972 Demons And Wizards (18DN-54)6.Rainbow Demon04:27

  • SerpentcultRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep Cover)04:37

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon04:28

  • Blessed OffalRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep Cover)06:21

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon04:28

  • Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards (1972)06. Rainbow Demon04:21

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon (1972)04:26

  • URIAH HEEP "Demon And Wizards" 1972Rainbow Demon04:25

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon04:28

  • Fright NightRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep Cover)04:16

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon (Byron's Lost Poem: Live In Munster, Landhalle, Germany)05:16

  • Uriah Heep11.Rainbow Demon(2011- Live In Kawasaki CD1)04:53

  • Uriah Heep Live-72Rainbow Demon (Live-72)rem06:26

  • Uriah Heep06 Rainbow Demon04:25

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon04:28

  • Uriah Heep11.Rainbow Demon (previously Unreleased Single Edit)(1972-Demons And Wizards,2003 Expanded Deluxe Edition)03:38

  • Uriah Heep"Rainbow Demon"04:25

  • Fright NightRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep Cover)04:17

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon (previously Unreleased Single Edit)03:34

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon (Live 1972)05:16

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon (Новосибирск 08.11.2011)05:29

  • Fright NightRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep Cover)04:55

  • FratresRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep Cover)04:06

  • Uriah Heep--2001 Rock CollectionRainbow Demon04:24

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon03:56

  • Uriah Heep01.Rainbow Demon(2003-Live In The USA)03:55

  • Uriah HeepRainbow Demon04:13