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  • EEONEGUYНе создавай в голове вопрос // Don’t Create A Question In Your Head Твоя не черная с двух полос // You’re Not A Black Car From The Second Lane Какой бы ни был сегодня день // Whatever The Day Is Like Today Давай быстрей // Step It Up Turn Off The Brain Т02:07

  • 40 Thieves Feat. QzenDon't Turn It Off (Greg Wilson Version)06:27

  • PhantogramTurn It Off03:56

  • 40 Thieves Ft. QzenDon't Turn It Off (Greg Wilson Version)06:27

  • MoorycTurn It Off05:59

  • MorcheebaGimme Your Love На английском языке Перевод на русский язык Gimme Your Love Дай мне свою любовь Close The Door Turn The Light Off Switch Your Mind Off Make It Right For Me Pull The Blind Down Try To Wind Down Take The Liberty And Then You’ll See Our Lov03:37

  • Different HeavenTurn It Off 03:48

  • ♠Sopho Nizharadze Like The Tide’s Gonna Turn You Will Know, When It’s Cold You’re On Your Own But You’re Never Alone Shine, Shine Like The Stars In The Sky Wipe Your Dust Off Your Love, Let It Shine♠03:02

  • 40 Thieves Feat. QzenDon't Turn It Off (Original Version)04:38

  • PhantogramTurn It Off04:01

  • Michael BoltonCan't Turn It Off04:00

  • 40 Thieves Feat. OzenDon't Turn It Off04:35

  • FrothTurn It Off03:59

  • TVD 4x15Michael Suby - Turn It Off03:26

  • Elena GilbertTurn It Off01:14

  • ParamoreTurn It Off (Piano & String Version) By Sam Yung04:47

  • MonistaTurn Off The Phone! - It Wear Out Me Brain03:22

  • PhantogramTurn It Off03:56

  • Degos & Re-DoneTurn It Off05:04

  • The Book Of MormonTurn It Off05:04

  • 40 ThievesDon't Turn It Off (feat. Qzen) (Brennan Green Remix)09:11

  • ParamoreTurn It Off (Instrumental)04:21

  • SylverTurn The Tide (DRΛG 'em Off The Interstate, S◘ck It To 'em-edit)08:46


  • RaudiveTurn It Off*06:16

  • 40 ThievesDon't Turn It Off Feat. Qzen (Brennan Green Mix)09:09

  • 40 Thieves Feat QzenDon't Turn It Off06:27

  • Echo Is Your LoveTurn It Off05:40

  • Joseph Morgan"Turn It OFF!"01:05

  • Dj_SonIKTurn It Off03:14

  • DJ Kalashnik OFF Turbotronic Turn It Up ( Remix ) 201604:28

  • NickelbackDo This Anymore..She Says I'm Only Telling Half Of It That's Probably 'cause There's Only Half Worth Telling And Every Time I Try To Laugh It Off That's When You Turn Around And Wind Up Yelling..04:02

  • Go 2Don't Turn It Off05:07

  • Different HeavenTurn It Off03:48

  • CTVH05 - Turn It Off04:02

  • PhantogramTurn It Off04:01

  • ThievesDont Turn It Off Feat. Qzen (Brennan Green Mix)09:10

  • 40 Thieves Feat QzenDont Turn It Off03:26

  • Ak.R.It Is Not Safe To Turn Off Your Computer (Stuck In Your Own Time | A Tribute To Digitalism)02:27

  • ParamoreTurn It Off (J.K. Cover)01:26

  • BIFFGUYZ, BRITNEY SPEARS, Kato Feat. Jon, Icona Pop Ft.Приседаем, Work Bitch, Turn The Lights Off, I Love It05:22

  • ParamoreTurn It Off03:05

  • //TENSE//Turn It Off06:34

  • Dj Deluxe - Lite Collection - I Said Oohh Come On Baby Turn The Lights Off... Ooohh Oohh Cuz It_s Getting Late... I Said Oohh IBut Oohh You Shouldn_t Hesitate..04:21

  • TENSETurn It Off (Valis Remix)05:25

  • 40 Thieves Feat. QzenDon't Turn It Off (Brennan Green Mix)09:11

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