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  • Sia- I Go To Sleepღ♥ღlღ♥ღl.•♥•.I Was Wrong, I Will Cry, I Will Love You Till The Day I Die, You Were All, You Alone And No One Else, You Were Meant For Me ღ♥ღl.•♥•.03:46

  • [Hook] I Need A Gangsta To Love Me Better Than All The Others Do To Always Forgive Me Ride Or Die With Me That's Just What Gangsters Do [Verse 1] I'm Fucked Up, I'm Black And Blue I'm Built For It, All The Abuse I Got Secrets, That NobodyGangsta02:57

  • ScorpionsYou And I(I Love You Girl I Always Will. I Swear I'm There For You Till The Day I Die!.. You And I Just Have A Dream To Find Our Love A Place, Where We Can Hide Away!! You And I Were Just Made To Love Each Other Now, Forever And A Day!06:16

  • Simple Plan Take My HandTake My Hand Tonight Let's Not Think About Tomorrow Take My Hand Tonight We Could Find Some Place To Go Cause Our Hearts Are Locked Forever And Our Love Will Never Die Take My Hand Tonight One Last Time03:51

  • ★ Anne HathawaySomebody To Love (OST Заколдованная Элла) Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love? Each Morning I Get Up I Die A Little Can't Barely Stand On My Feet. Take A Look In The Mirror And I, See What You're Doing To Me. I've Spent All My Years Believin03:22

  • EvanescenceHold And Speak To Me, Of Love Without A Sound, Tell Me You Will Live Through This And I Would Die For You07:19

  • Would You Dance, If I Asked You To Dance? Would You Run, And Never Look Back? Would You Cry, If You Saw Me Crying? AndWould You Save My Soul Tonight? Would You Tremble, If I Touched Your Lips? Would You Laugh? Oh Please Tell Me This.Now Would You Die, For The One You Love? Hold Me In Your Arms, Tonight. 04:24

  • Even When The Sky Comes Falling Even When The Sun Don't Shine I Got Faith In You And I So Put Your Pretty Little Hand Even When We're Down To The Wire Baby Even When It's Do Or Die We Could Do It Baby, Simple And Plain Cause This Love Is A Sure Thing03:11

  • Now And Then I Think Of When We Were Together Like When You Said You Felt So Happy You Could Die Told Myself That You Were Right For Me But Felt So Lonely In Your Company But That Was Love And It's An Ache I Still Remember. You Can Get Addicted To ASomebody That I Use To Know! Gotye04:03

  • 8mmYou Know (Songs To Love And Die By/ 2006)03:40

  • EvanescenseSickened In The Sun... You Dare Tell Me You Love Me But You Held Me Down And Screamed You Wanted Me To Die Honey You Know,,, You Know I’d Never Hurt You That Waaay You’re Just So Pretty In Your Pain/04:09

  • [] Michael Cretu And Andru DonaldsWhat About Us ..Lets Think About Tomorrow ..With You Not In My Life ..What About Love ..As I Try To Make It Every Day.. I Live Even Though I Die.. I D []04:10

  • D. BezrukOver Time (I See You Burn My Love To You Common The Burn And Die I Do I Want To Be In You Heart And Life I Want To Be, But Over Time)04:33

  • Oh YesssGuess My Heart Is Not The First To Be Broken And My Eyes Won’t Be The Last To Cry And My Heart Is Only Filled With Devotion My Love For You Will Never Die Guess My Heart Is Not The First To Be Broken And My Eyes Won’t Be The Last To Cry And My Heart Is 04:25

  • ® Rihanna Vs LMFAO, Knife PartyTo Love And Die (DJ FBI Mash-Up) ★ EXCLUSIVE!03:59

  • Jesus On ExtasyReach Out [ We Had To Part... There Was No Way To Keep You Here <3 We Had To Part ... There Was No Way To Keep You Near By Me... I Fall From Grace, From Love, To Life. I Crawl, Reach Out For You And Die ]04:28

  • Chris RiceWeak And Wounded Sinner Lost And Left To Die O, Raise Your Head, For Love Is Passing By Come To Jesus Come To Jesus Come To Jesus And Live! Now Your Burden’s Lifted And Carried Far Away And Precious Blood Has Washed Away The Stain...03:49

  • 8mm (2006 - Songs To Love And Die By...)No Way Back05:01

  • I Know Youre Going To DieMiKsEц (10.03.2012) --плейлист-- (01 Picco - Mi Cafe (Ph Electro Remix) 02 Serebro - Mama Lyuba (Dj A-One Bootleg Rework) 03 Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song (DJ Nejtrino And DJ Stranger Remix) 04 Timati - Welcome To St. Tropez (ft. Kalenna) (D35:56

  • Love And A .38Born To Make Me Die05:43

  • DJ FBIRihanna Vs LMFAO, Knife Party - To Love And Die (DJ FBI Mash-Up)03:59

  • Remorse A Time To Love And A Time To Die04:42

  • BirdfleshI Love Myself And I Want To Die00:22

  • Bryan Smith And His Concert OrchestraGirls Were Made To Love And Kiss Tango (Gern Hab' Ich Die Frau'n Geküßt)03:10

  • RAIGN Raise The Dead04:45

  • Vbots.ruAnd If We Die , Tomorrow What’ll We Have To Show For The Wicked Ways Down Below The Rhythm Inside Is Telling Us We Can Fly Tomorrow On The Beautiful Wind That Blows On A Cosmic Track, Love Attack I‘m Gonna Get That Rhythm Back Be You Enemy Or Brother We Were Put Here To Discover The Heart That Beats Within Each Other We’re Gonna Rapppabab ...00:20

  • Bryan Smith And His Concert OrchestraGirls Were Made To Love And Kiss Tango (Gern Hab' Ich Die Frau'n Gekt)03:10

  • Daze Of HeavenTo Love And Die In L.A.03:08

  • Robert DuncanYou're Torn Up (3x22 - To Love And Die In LA)03:06

  • To/Die/ForBecause Of You. My Heart Is Cold And Loveless.There Is No Love No More. When You Seal My Fate Love Turns To Hate,when You Give Me A Smile Inside Of Me Something Dies You Are Killing Me. When You Embrace Me Calmness In My Soul Turns To Misery Walking Hand 02:55

  • BirdfleshI Love Myself And I Want To Die00:22

  • BirdfleshI Love Myself And I Want To Die00:22

  • Robert DuncanRoyce Is Dead (3x22 - To Love And Die In LA)02:20

  • G. Love Ft. Scott And Seth AvettFixin' To Die03:32

  • Fixin To DieLove And Grim Delusion06:35

  • Kidman NicoleStudenova из Yaroslavl) [Satine:] The French Are Glad To Die For Love [Сатин:] Французы готовы умереть за любовь. But I Prefer A Man Who Lives Но я предпочитаю живых мужчин, And Gives Expensive Которые дарят дорогие Jewels Украшения/ A Kiss On The Hand03:11

  • 8mm (Songs To Love And Die By)Never Enough04:13