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  • HindanI Am Tired Of Waiting03:10

  • IDestiny Tired Of Waiting (Zeskullz Remix)04:50

  • SINIMA BEATSTired Of Waiting03:45

  • IDestinyTired Of Waiting (MadMikey Remix)03:47

  • 2PMTired Of Waiting03:25

  • The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting [Michael Nolen Original Version]04:28

  • Sozonov I'm Tired Of Waiting For You, So I'm Dancing08:08

  • IDestinyTired Of Waiting (Original Mix)05:40

  • B.M.Tired Of Waiting06:09

  • UfesasTired Of Waiting04:22

  • Неизвестный исполнитель2PM Tired Of Waiting04:26

  • The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting [extended Mix]05:59

  • The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting (Atlantis09 Dance Version)03:57

  • NoMeansNoTired Of Waiting01:48

  • Suzi QuatroTired Of Waiting03:29

  • 2PMTired Of Waiting03:25

  • The KinksTired Of Waiting For You02:33

  • 2PMTired Of Waiting (instrumental)03:20

  • Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren AmbarchiReady And Waiting ready And Tired Of Waiting This Happiness Hovers For A While opaque..17:07

  • The TrewsTired Of Waiting04:24

  • Charlie Kunz And His BandI'm Tired Of Waiting For You, 192802:32

  • Suzi QuatroTired Of Waiting (1978)03:32

  • The FLOCK - The Flock (1969)04. Tired Of Waiting04:40

  • The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting (Long Version)06:47

  • KEEL HERTired Of Waiting01:43

  • THE CROSSLINES - Tired Of Waiting (TDHDriver Mix)201205:07

  • Madonna MixHung Up (I'm Tired Of Waiting On You DENS 54 Mix)06:02

  • The FlockTired Of Waiting04:39

  • THE CROSSLINES - Tired Of Waiting (Atlantis09 New Remix Version)201304:28

  • ►The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting (TDHDriver Mix)06:01

  • IDestinyTired Of Waiting (Original Mix)05:40

  • SWEETHEADTired Of Waiting02:49

  • Tired Of WaitingWays Of Wrath03:25

  • Tired Of WaitingDark Passenger02:56

  • Svarog04 I'm Tired Of Waiting For Death06:53

  • FazerdazeTired Of Waiting02:43

  • The Transatlantics Tired Of Waiting04:31

  • The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting 2012 (v)05:07

  • IDestinyTired Of Waiting (Aaron Wayne Remix)05:44

  • Tired Of WaitingEven Worse Than Ever04:18

  • The ApostlesTired Of Waiting For You03:02

  • The CrosslinesTired Of Waiting (TDHDriver Mix)05:59

  • Michael NolenTired Of Waiting [special Long Veersion] (2011)06:33