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  • MGMT - Time To Pretend - High Contrast Remix (Destruction Clip)04:51

  • MGMTKids (Time To Pretend EP Version)05:34

  • Tsacci's RingTime To Pretend00:48

  • MGMT Kids [Time To Pretend - EP]05:34

  • MGMTTime To Pretend00:30

  • Gareth PearsonTime To Pretend03:44

  • MGMT Time To Pretend (Sluddy Dubstep Remix)04:25

  • MGMTTime To Pretend (DMoeFunk Club Mix)04:44

  • JónsiTime To Pretend03:33

  • MGMTTime To Pretend (High Contrast Remix) (cut)02:27

  • MGMTTime To Pretend (High Contrast Remix) (Tiesto - Record Club) 2_04:51

  • Ron Pope-A Drop In The Ocean If You Don't Love Me, Pretend A Few More Hours, Then It's Time To Go And...03:38

  • MGMTTime To Pretend (Brandon Creath Remix)02:26

  • Backstreet Boys-HelplessI Fall In Love All Over Again Each Time I Lay My Eyes On You I Pretend I Feel So Helpless Without You Feel So Helpless Without You It Takes A Piece Of Me Each Time You Leave I Feel It In My Chest So Hard To Breathe I Feel So Helpless Without You I Feel 03:31

  • Digital LeatherTime To Pretend (MGMT Cover)04:20

  • Paolo NutiniTime To Pretend04:53

  • Hungry HeartsNo Time To Pretend04:16

  • Time To Pretend (High Contrast Remix)MGMT ★[QB]☭ [Quest Bunker - Квест Бункер]04:54

  • Initiative HTime To Pretend (Bonus Track)03:54

  • Song ExploderMGMT - Time To Pretend17:07

  • SEKKLOWTime To Pretend04:23

  • Ay♥Gul Leave... If It Is A Pity To You Me Forget Me, Do Not Pretend To Be... Time Has Come... Leave. It Is Not Necessary To Wait... Leave My Life That I Have Again Called You... If Has Got Tired Of Me, Leave... If Has Got Tired Of The Destiny, Forget It...03:13

  • MGMTTime To Pretend00:14

  • Grysha SomTime To Pretend (Acoustic Cover)04:01

  • Бумбокс-Date With Another TenEvery Time I Plan To Tell "Girl,oh,am I Still The Only Man?" Oh,you Pretend Now,that You Understand Now,but You Got A Date With Another Ten..03:28

  • Love AliensTime To Pretend04:33

  • Mighty MikePressure Time (Time To Pretend & Under Pressure)03:45

  • НеизвестенMGMT - Electric Feel & Time To Pretend (band Cover)05:40

  • Kylethe8ctopusTime To Pretend04:20

  • Tremil[Mashup] Time To Pretend Vs Winter Wrap Up (Time To Wrap Up)04:03

  • Love AliensTime To Pretend04:28