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  • MetallicaThe Ecstasy Of Gold (2013 - OST Through The Never)02:01

  • MORTONThrough The Never (I Will Return) Feat. Tatyana Shmayluk05:53

  • MetallicaMaster Of Puppets ('Through The Never' Soundtrack)08:20

  • EvileThrough The Never (Metallica Cover)04:01

  • EvileThrough The Never (Metallica Cover)04:02

  • MetallicA01 - Cyanide (Music From The Motion Picture "Through The Never" 2013)07:00

  • One DirectionMaybe It's The Way She Walked, Straight Into My Heart And Stole It Through The Doors And Past The Guards, Just Like She Already Own It I Said Can You Give It Back To Me, She Said Never In Your Wildest Dreams And We Danced All Night To The Be03:05

  • MADONNA - Miles Away I Just Woke Up From A Fuzzy Dream I Saw You In My Dreams )I Never Want Belive The Things That I Have Seen I Looked In The Mirror And I Saw Your Face You Looked Back Through Me,you Were Miles Away. All My Dreams, They Fade Away I'll Never Be The Same I03:27

  • Through The TempestWe Just Don't Give A Shit(Never Satisfied)04:02

  • Metallica (Through The Never OST)Fade To Black07:00

  • MetallicaThrough The Never (1991)04:04

  • A. MochiThrough The Never (Original Mix)07:16

  • The BeatlesThe Abbey Road Medley: You Never Give Me Your Money/Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window10:46

  • MetallicA01 - The Ecstasy Of Gold (Music From The Motion Picture "Through The Never" 2013)02:00

  • I Will Never Be The SamePushing Objects Through Walls (Deadman Wonderland)05:19

  • System Of A Down - AerialsLife Is A Waterfall We’re One In The River And One Again After The Fall Swimmin’ Through The Void We Hear The World We Lost Ourselves But We Find It All? Cuz We’re The Ones That Want To Play Always Want To Go But You Never Want To Stay03:52

  • Sterling Knight - What You Mean To Me I Can't Blame You For Thinking That You Never Really Knew Me At All I Tried To Deny You But Nothing Ever Made Me Feel So Wrong I Thought I Was Protecting You From Everything That I Go Through But I Know That We Got Lost Along The Way Here I Am04:17

  • FirewindThrough The Never03:58

  • Linkin Park - BlackbirdsI Shiver And Shake The Warm Air Cold I'm Alone On My Own In Every Mistake I Dig This Hole Through My Skin And Bones It's Harder Starting Over Than Never To Have Changed With Blackbirds Following Me I'm Digging Out My Grave They Close In, Swa03:21

  • FeverNever Know How Much I Love You Never Know How Much I Care When You Put Your Arms Around Me I Get A Fever That's So Hard To Bear You Give Me Fever When You Kiss Me Fever When You Hold Me Tight Fever In The Morning Fever All Through The Night.02:36

  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Your Guardian Angel I Will Never Let You Fall I'll Stand Up With You Forever I'll Be There For You Through It All Even If Saving You Sends Me To Heaven(OST Never Back Down)03:46

  • CourrierThe Day Between The Soil And The Sky An Emptiness, A Void, A Heaviness, A Sigh, But I Know You Will Make Through Alive Cause You Never Said Goodbye03:52

  • Supreme Music Feat. Neele Ternes I Never Told You How How Much You Mean To Me What In The World I Would Do I Just Never Made It Through To You, Oh, To You There Goes A Day, There Goes A Week So Many Goals I Had To Reach The More I Did, The Less I CaredDAD03:03

  • MetallicaOrion (Through The Never OST)08:17

  • 13Through The Never04:03

  • MetallicaThrough The Never (Live '92)05:27

  • LIVERPOOL'S FANSYou'll Never Walk Alone (Words & Music By Oscar Hammerstein II - Richard Rogers) When You Walk Through A Storm Hold Your Head Up High And Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky And The Sweet Silver Song Of A L04:06

  • Fanchants.comHe's Big, He's Brave, He's Spanish Dave, He Makes Great Saves, He Never Shaves, He's Flying Through The Air, Come And Have A Shot If You Dare! 00:13