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  • Jay SeanNow It Feels Like Soldiers In A War And None Of Us Are Backing Down And I Will Show You Victory Is Mine Before We Leave This Battleground Cause He Don’t Wanna Leave, And I Don’t Wanna Go And I Know Just How This Battle Goes He Don’t Wanna Leave And I 03:45

  • NekRockChapter III - Let Me Show You How It's Done / Nothing To Fear, Nothing To Loathe, This World Is A Great Place, Just Because Arcueid Was Created Here / Warriors Of Light Are On Their Way To Defend The Gates Of The Castle, And Leading Them Be Saber06:46

  • This Is How We Do It, All Hands Are In The Air And Wave Them From Here To ThereIf You're An O.G. Mack Or A Wanna-be Player You See The Hood's Been Good To Me...I'm Kinda Buzzed And It's All Because (This Is How We Do It)05:05

  • Adam MerrinThis Is How You Are04:06

  • Elliott YaminSo Why Does Your Pride Make You Run And Hide? Are You That Afraid Of Me? But I Know It's A Lie What You Keep Inside This Is Not How You Wanted To Be....So Baby I Will Wait For You Cause I Don't Know What Else I Can Do Don't Tell Me I Ran 04:19

  • Dead By AprilWhat Can I Say03:04

  • Manabu Namiki, Masaharu IwataIs This How You Are?02:25

  • El MariachiThis Is Not About How You Are (bright Part)07:58

  • You're WrongThe Ideal Job For You Is Chartered Accountancy Pt. 1/The Big Cheese Gets His At Low Tide Tonight/I Hear The Gooseberries Are Doing Well This Year And So Are The Mangoes/The Larch/Promise You'll Tell Us About Pointed Sticks/How To Not Be Seen/Alright,We'll00:45