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  • Paolo And Isabella What Dreams Are Made Of... Have You Ever Seen Such A Beautiful Night? I Could Almost Kiss The Stars, For Shining So Bright When I See You Smiling, I Go-oh Oh Ohh I Would Never Want To Miss This In My Heart, I Know What This Is... ]03:04

  • We Were Two Little People Wrapped Up In This Big Ol' World Drifting 'round In Space Out Of Place, Just A Boy And Girl Then You Took My Hand And Made Me A Part Of You And I Looked In Your Heart And Saw All My Dreams Come True You Did The ImpossiblThe Impossible - Mariah Carey 03:58

  • Trading YesterdayRevolutionOpen Up My Eyes, To Dreams That Should Have Died. I Was Made For More Than This. Take Away My Name, For I Will Never Be The Same. I Have Not Begun To Live. For Eden's Sons Engulf My Eyes, Bringing My Heart To Life. I Will Be A Revolution,04:19

  • Adrian SinaHold On To Our Love, Don’t Let Go.. Hold On To Our Dreams, Dreams And Hopes Baby.. Fight With Me, This Destiny..Hold On The Memories In Your Heart.. Hold On And Bring My Love Tonight.. 03:27