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  • Never Shout NeverIn A Sitch Like This You've Gotta Think And I Don't Think You Think About The Way He Thinks And I Know You Live Life For Yourself But It All Comes Down To The Way You Help And I Know Your Life Is Such A Hell You Wake Up Early And You Work 02:33

  • KGBEverybody’s Telling You Lies I Don’t Know What They Said Everybody Thinks It’s Alright I’ll Guess They’re Envious It Doesn’t Matter What They Contrive It Doesn’t Matter What They Do It Doesn’t Matter What They Think Now About Me And You Stop! Think03:12

  • ( Tamasha | Спектакль ) Ved Thinks About It01:12

  • ПорохLook, I Was Gonna Go Easy On You Not To Hurt Your Feelings But I'm Only Going To Get This One Chance Something's Wrong, I Can Feel It (for Six Minutes, Slim Shady, You're On) Just A Feeling I've Got, Like Something's About To Happen But I Don't Know What If That Means What I Think It Means We're In Trouble, Big Trouble And If He Is As Bananas As You Say, I'm Not Taking Any Chances (you Are Just What The Doc Ordered) I'm Beginning To Feel Like A Rap God, Rap God All My People From The Front To The Back Nod, Back Nod Now Who Thinks Their Arms Are Long Enough To Slapbox, Slapbox They Said I Rap Like A Robot, So Call Me Rapbot00:41