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  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me02:58

  • ♫Eminem - SupermenI Think I Love You Too... I'm Here To Save You Girl, Come Be In Shady's World, I Wanna Grow Together, Let's Let Our Love Unfurl. You Know You Want Me Baby, You Know I Want You Too, They Call Me Superman, I'm Here To Rescue 05:49

  • JemIn 24 Hours They'll Be Laying Flowers On My Life, It's Over Tonight... I'm Not Messing No I, Need Your Blessing. And Your Promise To Live Free... Please Do It For Me.03:55

  • The BeatlesYesterday02:04

  • Jay-z Feat. Alicia KeysEmpire State Of Mind - Yea [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Yea I'm Out That Brooklyn, Now I'm Down In TriBeCa Right Next To Deniro, But I'll Be Hood Forever I'm The New Sinatra, And... Since I Made It Here I Can Make It Anywhere, Yea, They Love Me Every04:36

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me02:57

  • ♠Tom DiceTell Me, Did I Get It Wrong? Tell Me Everything Will Be Okay And Before I Fall Tell Me They'll Play My Songs And Tell Me They'll Sing The Words I'll Sing When Darkness Falls All Of The Stars Will See Just Me And My Guitar...♠03:01

  • K'NaanWhen I Get Older, I Will Be Stronger,They'll Call Me Freedom, Just Like A Waving Flag,And Then It Goes Back, And Then It Goes Back,And Then It Goes Back……03:32

  • Be They Will BecomeDestroying Me04:30

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me03:10

  • Puff DaddyBig Homie (feat. Rick Ross & French Montana) [Hook: Diddy] You Could Go To Any Hood, Bet They Know Me Rose Gold Pinky Ring; Master Rollie Boy, You'se A Little Nigga; Gary Coleman I Be Calling All The Shots, I'm Big Homie Big Hom04:14

  • Goo Goo DollsIris-And I Don't Want The World To See Me Cause I Don't Think That They'd Understand When Everything's Made To Be Broken I Just Want You To Know Who I Am 04:52

  • Glen MedeirosIf I Had To Live My Life Without You Near Me The Days Would All Be Empty The Nights Would Seem So Long With You I See Forever Oh So Clearly I Might Have Been In Love Before But It Never Felt This Strong Our Dreams Are Young And We Both Know They'll 03:47

  • I Wasnt Jealous Before We Met, Now Every Women I See Is A Potential Threat!!!!!!=(I Still Get Jealous!When They Look At You!I May Not Show It!But I Do!It`s More Than I Can Bear!When They Start To Stare!Cause They Think You`re Too Good To Be True!I Still Get Jealous,when We Kiss Goodnight.Unless You Hold Me E03:15

  • Sam DeyБез названияRefrain Someday We Gonna Rise Up On That Wind You Know Someday We Gonna Dance With Those Lions Someday We Gonna Break Free From These Chains And Keep On Flyin’ They Tellin’ Me It’s All Good Just Wait You Know You’re Gonna Be There Someday Sip04:01

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me (Malcolm In The Middle OST)02:56

  • Wiz KhalifaWhenever You Need Me, Whenever Want Me, You Know You Can Call Me, I’ll Be There Shortly, Don’t Care What Your Friends Say, Cause They Dont Know Me, I Can Be Your Best Friend, And You Be My Homie03:51

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me (Edit)03:00

  • KarmahFriends Keep Saying That You're Crazy Totaly It's Not Right At All What They Believe Is Not What I See You Keep Saying Just Be Good To Me I Keep Running Up And Down The Town And I Honestly Think That You're Fooling Around And Your Friends Ke04:19

  • • Jem • (ost ультрафиолет)In 24 Hours They'll Be Laying Flowers On My Life, It's Over Tonight... I'm Not Messing No I, Need Your Blessing. And Your Promise To Live Free... Please Do It For Me.03:54

  • NickelbackHero:Someone Told Me Love Will All Save Us But How Can That Be,look What Love Gave Us A World Full Of Killing,and Blood-spilling That World Never Came And They Say That A Hero Can Save Us I'm Not Gonna Stand Here And Wait:03:21

  • Roses For Raychael 'I Is For I Want To Be With You, Unfortunately There's A U In Break-Up' (feat. Dylan Givney Of They Call Me Casper)03:54

  • Best CoastHow They Want Me To Be03:52

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me (из сериала "Малькольм в центре внимания")))02:58

  • ANASTASIA PRIHODKO-ACTION Eurovision 2011I Don’t Wanna Be Alive By Your Side And I Know I’m Gonna Send – Mayday I Don’t Wanna Have A Deal, Your Chill Eyes ‘Cause They Cut Me Like A Knife – Baby Wish You’d Feel A Bit Alone When I’m Gone Wanna See You Come Above – Tease Me ..03:00

  • You Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, PulDo You See Me Laughing? You Think That It's A Joke Imma Start Harassing, All Your Little Hoes That Be Trying To Pass Here, You Better Tell Them Imma Kick They Ass In! WHAT! Who Are You Talking To? You Better Hang Up Or I'm Through With You02:52

  • Chris Brown Ft. T-PainShe Want That Lovey Dovey...That Kiss Kiss (kiss Kiss)In Her Mind She Fantasize Bout Gettin Wit MeThey Hatin On Me...They Wanna Diss Diss (kiss Kiss)Because She Mine, And So Fine...Thick As Can Be...04:20

  • The TurtlesHappy Together,When You`re With Me, Baby, The Skies Will Be Blue For All My Life,No Matter How They Toss The Dice, It Has To Be The Only One For Me Is You, And You For Me,02:54

  • Lil Wayne - When They Come For MeTell Them Boys I'll Be Here When They Come For Me Me And Every Single Nigga That Got Love For Me See I Got Money On My Mind But The Haters Wont Leave Me Alone So Im Ridin Everyday With Every Pistol That I Own Tell Them I'll Be Here When They Come04:06

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me ('Malcolm In The Middle' OST)02:59

  • Kanye WestHeartless (Hatiras Remix) Talking Talking Talking Talk Baby Lets Just Knock It Off They Don't Know What We Been Through They Don't Know About Me And You So Why I Got Something New To See? And You Just Gonna Be Keep Hating Me And We Jus05:15

  • Джаз 1940-ых годов - Cаксофоны Санкт-Петербурга Feat. Яна Радион и Геннадий ГольштейнIt Had To Be You [Some Others I've Seen, Might Never Be Mean, Might Never Be Cross, Or Try To Be Boss. But They Wouldn't Do. For Nobody Else, Gave Me A Thrill - With All Your Faults, I Love You Still]02:58

  • They Might Be GiantsLet Me Tell You About My Operation02:58

  • PQM Project & Phil KThey Just Wont Let Me Be (Habersham Vs Relisys Mix)09:15

  • They Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me (Instrumental)02:56

  • JoJoSe 1: Jojo] Can Somebody Explain To Me Why Everybody Is Trying To Be Living Like A Celebrity Doing What They See On MTV. Ice Is Cool But I Am Looking For More, Simple Things Is What My Heart Beats For. Cause Its Me I Don't Ask For Much Ba03:11

  • 2010When I Get Older, I Will Be Stronger They’ll Call Me Freedom Just Like A Wavin Flag And Then It Goes Back And Then It Goes Back And Then It Goes Back03:39

  • Marc TerenziBaby, Tell Me How Can I Tell U That I Love U More Than Life Show Me How Can I Show U That I’m Blinded By Your Light When U Touch Me I Can Touch U To Find Out The Dream Is True I Love To Be Loved By U..I Know They Gonna Say Our Love's Not Strong Enou03:57

  • Just Like Me, They Long To BeClose To You 02:52

  • ♥The Beatles ♥Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away Now It Looks As Though They're Here To Stay Oh, I Believe In Yesterday. Suddenly, I'm Not Half To Man I Used To Be, There's A Shadow Hanging Over Me. Oh, Yesterday Came Suddenly.02:03