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  • Saccao, Nytron Feat. DIVAThere Was A Time (Original Mix)06:46

  • Saccao, Nytron Feat. DivaThere Was A Time (CASSIMM Remix)06:24

  • DokkenThere Was A Time03:56

  • Saccao, Nytron Feat. DivaThere Was A Time (Shake Sofa Remix)05:10

  • Gene Chandler & James Brown Vs. OPOLOPOThere Was A Time07:45

  • Fun Lovin' CriminalsThere Was A Time04:41

  • Allan TaylorThere Was A Time03:15

  • Saccao, Nytron Feat. DIVA VocalThere Was A Time (Original Mix)04:48

  • Guns N' RosesThere Was A Time01:52

  • Justin ByrdThere Was A Time02:02

  • Teach InIm Alone There Was A Time That I Knew You Were Mine, But The Dreams Of Today Fly Away, I'm Alone Again. Where Can I Go? I Don't Know What To Do Without You. I'm Alone. When I Need Love, I Need You By My Side, You're That Who Treats Me Rig02:59

  • RusskajaThere Was A Time03:22

  • Mandolin OrangeThere Was A Time04:14

  • Dj SlynkeeLoop (Six Pack - There Was A Time) (♫...MadKed...♫)01:37

  • Паша Хорватбыло время(there Was A Time)02:36

  • [The RasmusSo Close So Far I'm Lost In Time Ready To Follow A Sign If There Was Only A Sign The Last Goodbye Burns In My Mind Why Did I Leave You Behind? Guess It Was Too High To Climb Give Me A Reason Why Would You Want Me To Live And Die Living A Lie You Were04:26

  • Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named BobCupids Fall05:07

  • Gorchitza Live Project-Call It A DreamMy Sad Memories About The Happiest Time In My Life I Hear Those Melodies And All That Was Wrong Becomes Right I Wonder How And Then Oh Why Do They Call It A Dream Let Me Go Through It All Again It Seems There's Something I've Missed On My Way But03:20

  • Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse Of The Heart ♥ Once Upon A Time I Was Falling In Love But Now I'm Only Falling Apart There's Nothing I Can Do, A Total Eclipse Of The Heart Once Upon A Time There Was Light In My Life But Now There's Only Love In The Dark06:58

  • Patent Pending01 There Was A Time00:52

  • Dee Felice TrioThere Was A Time03:01

  • Morka (Greece) - 1973 / There Was A Time...I See02:19

  • BrookroyalThere Was A Time03:49

  • James BrownThere Was A Time (Cracker Edit)03:14

  • JB & The Whiskey BaronsThere Was A Time (Whiskey Barons Rework)11:16

  • 满舒克 (Young Jack) There Was A Time (Ń Ҝ Ø Ή ∀ Edit)04:11

  • EndemicsThere Was A Time (Supernovas EP)04:00

  • DOKKEN "Long Way Home" ℗ 2002 1. Sunless Days 2. Little Girl 3. Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone) 4. You 5. Goodbye My Friend 6. Magic Road 7. There Was A Time 8. Heart Full Of Soul 9. Under The Gun 10. I've Found37:12

  • FunkwareThere Was A Time (Original Mix) (Drum&Bass) Группа »Ломаный бит«06:21

  • Saccao, Nytron Feat. DIVAThere Was A Time (Original Mix)04:59

  • Kaleidoscope (1968 - La Ciruela Electrica)07.Once Upon A Time There Was A World08:09

  • RusskajaThere Was A Time03:24

  • Kajiura Yuki Feat. Itou EriOnce Upon A Time There Was You And Me05:56

  • Alex Haynes & The FeverThere Was A Time03:12

  • BrookRoyalThere Was A Time03:50

  • T. RexThere Was A Time (Single Version)00:59

  • James Brown There Was A Time (Panic Bomber Remix)10:36

  • HocicoThere Was A Time07:11

  • James BrownThere Was A Time03:01

  • {2015.06.03} Eri Itou, FictionJunctionOnce Upon A Time There Was You And Me (The BEST Of YK LIVE 2 CD 3)05:28

  • RailbendersThere Was A Time03:49