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  • The Beatangers Vs. ПикаПатимейкер (Stan Wise Wiseup)03:45

  • The Alan Parsons ProjectOld And Wise05:05

  • X-Wise Waiting For The Sun(Original Mix)03:50

  • Oliver-Koletzki-ft-Fran-HypnotizedI Catch Your Eyes, Try Not To Smile. I Check Your Style. I Feel Your Wise. We Have A Drink, Then Go Outside. Talk For A While, And Then We ... Kiss! We Play The Game, Start To Move. I Feel My Heart, You Feel The Beat. I Take Your Hands, You Turn Arou03:33

  • Davide LeonardoHear The Sunset (Original Mix)Вырос на такой музыке . Магнитофон был во власти брата ,поэтому приходилось слушать то , что слушал он.а он слушал Enigma , Gregorian, Schiller ,era, Mike Oldfield, Wise Hand, Amethystium, Atb , Yanni Etc . Вообще надо детей 04:56

  • Major Faim"Wise Guys" Ft. Onyx The Villain03:34

  • The Wise Man's FearIn Reach (Out Of Touch)03:51

  • Dave ClarkeWisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (A. Mochi Re-Edit)08:07

  • X-WiseThe Sky (Original Mix)03:41

  • The Wise Man's FearThe Sea At Storm02:42

  • Waka Flocka FlameWord To The Wise [Prod. By Metro Boomin]03:25

  • The Wise Man's FearCastle In The Clouds04:00

  • The AgonistJesters Rejoice Where Wise Men Weep04:37

  • TastersJustice Is Charity Of The Wise (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:20

  • The Wise GuysOhh La La05:54

  • The Wise Guys Say Oh La La 05:47

  • Stan WiseThe Only Thing That Carries Me On15:04

  • Wise "The Gold Pen" Feat. MalumaMorir De Amor [Remix] []03:44

  • The Wise GuyzLet's Rock The Floor01:52

  • Dj Sasha Wise &The Prodigy Breath (remix)05:47

  • The Wise Man's FearWith My Lesser Self04:05

  • ТНЕ Ловец Духов4. The Wise Maid / Fairy Dance / Окурки в Аквариуме03:16

  • Wise D & KobeCheck Out The Groove (Original Mix)06:24

  • (28Hz_andUP)X-Wise Waiting For The Sun(Low Bass By KniFe)03:43

  • Roland Sandor & The Wise One Feat. CorunInn Finity (Joren Heelsing Uplifting Vocal Mix)07:42

  • The Wise Man's FearChaotica03:29

  • Dave ClarkeWisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Boys Noize Wild Pitch Mix)05:52

  • 12 - Crossfaith - Apocalyze (2013)Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes03:34

  • Record VIP Mix RadioWise D, Kobe - We Rock The House Www.radiorecord.ru02:30

  • The Wise Guys Say Ooh La La03:32

  • The Wise Man's FearPrayer Of The Prey03:15

  • The Wise CaucasianKutchie Dub09:03

  • ProtojeKingston Be Wise - The Blue Ark04:10

  • All About KaneThe Wise Man04:27

  • Wise D & KobeWe Rock The House (Original Mix)06:24

  • AngtoriaThat's What The Wise Lady Said04:31

  • The Wise Man's FearThe Moonless Night03:20

  • The Wise Guys Say Oh Lala05:55

  • The Wise Man's FearSecret Of The Stone03:05

  • The Wise GuyzCatch Your Wave03:27

  • The Safety FireWise Hands04:09

  • Pray For More Feat. Annette TaylorTurn The Volume Up (Wise D & Kobe Remix)[]06:12

  • X-WiseThe Blue (Original Mix)*04:35

  • The Wise GuyzHonky Tonk Boogie02:29

  • X -Wise Waiting For The Sun (Original Mix)03:50

  • Dave Clarke Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Robert Hood Remix)09:32

  • Wise D & KobeCheck Out The Groove (Original Mix)03:48

  • Dave WiseFunky The Main Monkey (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Quest)01:34

  • The Wise Man's FearWrath Of A Gentle Man03:25

  • The Alan Parsons' ProjectOld And Wise (Dj Franky Wilde Rmx)05:21

  • Dave ClarkeWisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Marcel Dettmann Remix)06:36

  • The Wise Man's FearWith My Lesser Self04:00

  • Wise EyezThe Week03:06

  • Dave ClarkeWisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Steve Rachmad Remix)07:18

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