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  • WhispersAnd The Beat Goes On03:15

  • Piano Tribute PlayersWhispers In The Dark03:15

  • KeenoWhispers Of The Waves (feat. Louisa Bass)04:56

  • SkilletIntro + Whispers In The Dark [ Live ]04:50

  • !Skilet!Whispers In The Dark03:53

  • Cradle Of FilthThe Forest Whispers My Name05:08

  • Piano Tribute PlayersWhispers In The Dark02:53

  • The WhispersAnd The Beat Goes On (Purple Disco Machine Edit)07:09

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark03:35

  • Skillet Whispers In The Dark - Шопот в темноте 03:31

  • Игра на пианиноSkillet-Whispers In The Dark02:52

  • CellofourteWhispers In The Dark03:25

  • VarienWhispers In The Mist [feat. Aloma Steele] 04:16

  • JacooWhispers In The Air (feat. Nori)03:06

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark Nightcore Mix02:47

  • Kings Of The CityWhispers (BucHaN Remix)05:25

  • SkilletWhipers In The Dark03:24

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark/Шепот в темноте(на русском)03:17

  • ♪NomenklaturWhispers In The Street05:48

  • Varien Feat. Aloma SteeleWhispers In The Mist (Original Mix)04:15

  • Answer The Call, DarlingWhispers07:00

  • The WhispersAnd The Beat Goes On04:50

  • NeverWake Whispers In The Dark04:29


  • StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The VoidWhispers Of Oblivion03:12

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark (Piano Cover)03:15

  • The WhispersKeep On Lovin' Me05:43

  • NightcoreWhispers In The Dark02:50

  • DJ DisbalansWhispers Of The Soul [PREVIEW]00:52

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark [ Live ]04:50

  • ElectusWhispers From The Sea03:06

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark (8-Bit)03:19

  • Dandelion FlyWhispers In The Dark (Acoustic)03:09

  • Dance With The DeadScreams And Whispers04:50

  • ►SkilletWhispers In The Dark03:24

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark (Live)04:50

  • The WhispersRock Steady05:34

  • Cj_AbcentCj_Abcent - Шёпот в темноте (Cover Skillet - [Whispers In The Dark] )00:29

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark (скрипка)02:18

  • SkilletWhispers In The Dark [Violin-Instrumental Cover]03:27