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  • In The VerseDisaster04:18

  • FLESH X LIZER X THRILL PILL X KRESTALL/Courier Oh, My God, That's Sidxkick On The Track [Hook] Я подохну в интернете, дохнет сервер, я на нем Я взломаю пароль, я взломаю пароль Цифры, хакер, кибер-панки, деньги, деньги, 9 0 Futuristic ковбой, Futuristic ковбой [Verse 1: FLESH] Я подохну в05:24

  • ☠The Weeknd The Hills [Verse 1:] Your Man On The Road, He Doin' Promo You Said, "Keep Our Business On The Low-low" I'm Just Tryna Get You Out The Friend Zone Cause You Look Even Better Than The Photos I Can't Find Your House, Send Me The I04:04

  • Shiro SAGISU [Bleach: Hell Verse OST]Cometh The Hour Part II (Bonus Version)01:16

  • LpLost On U (consoul Trainin & Liva K Mix)[Verse 1] When You Get Older, Plainer, Saner Will You Remember All The Danger We Came From? Burning Like Embers, Falling, Tender Longing For The Days Of No Surrender Years Ago And Well You Know [Pre-Chorus] Sm03:46

  • Hate In Front Beyond The Verse10:25

  • [Hook] I Need A Gangsta To Love Me Better Than All The Others Do To Always Forgive Me Ride Or Die With Me That's Just What Gangsters Do [Verse 1] I'm Fucked Up, I'm Black And Blue I'm Built For It, All The Abuse I Got Secrets, That NobodyGangsta02:57

  • Macklemore Feat. WanzI’m Gonna Pop Some Tags, Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket I’m, I’m, I’m Hunting, Looking For A Come Up, This Is Fucking Awesome [Verse 1: Macklemore] Now Walk Into The Club Like "What Up?! I Got A Big Cock!" Nah, I’m Just Pumped, I 05:52

  • Pharrell WilliamsHappy ( EFIX & ALLISON Cover ) [Verse 1:] It Might Seem Crazy What I'm About To Say Sunshine She's Here, You Can Take A Break I'm A Hot Air Balloon That Could Go To Space With The Air, Like I Don't Care Baby By The Way [Hook:] Because05:55

  • Lloyd Banks - Beamer, Benz Or Bentley The Lost Verse - CDQ(bassbosted By Rasta) 04:16

  • T.I. Ft. Verse SimmondsNot My Fault [Prod. By The Beat Nerds]02:53

  • Young ScooterMade It Through The Struggle Feat. Mase & Verse Simmonds04:24

  • The Summa In VersePride & Lust, Paradise Lost (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:53

  • Jay-z Feat. Alicia KeysEmpire State Of Mind - Yea [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Yea I'm Out That Brooklyn, Now I'm Down In TriBeCa Right Next To Deniro, But I'll Be Hood Forever I'm The New Sinatra, And... Since I Made It Here I Can Make It Anywhere, Yea, They Love Me Every04:36

  • The GameWestside Story (feat. Snoop Dogg) [Alternative Verse]02:34

  • AsylumRaise The Stakes (feat. Ben Verse)06:03

  • Lil Wayne, Twista, Swiss Beats - Gettin MoneyGet Money Nigga. Yeah Aw Yeah. Dedicate This One To All The Hustlers That Get Up Every Muthafuckin' Morning And Put They Work Down. I See You I See You Boy. Verse 1 I'm Up Before Sunrise First To Hit The Block Li'l Bad Muthafucka With A Pocket03:57

  • DJ SpinatikCame From Nothin' (Feat. Gunplay, Kevin Gates & Verse Simmonds) [Prod. By KE On The Track]03:53

  • VerseThe New Fury02:51

  • FutureTurn Off The Lights (Feat. Verse Simmonds) (Remix)04:10

  • Hate In FrontBeyond The Verse03:45

  • Shiro Sagisu [Bleach: Hell Verse OST]Cometh The Hour Part II03:01

  • DJ Cargo & D-Verse Jump To The Bass 2012 (Extended Mix)(M_51 Collection)05:19

  • The Notorious B.I.G. Unreleased Unheard Verse01:50

  • In The VerseHostage03:50

  • Maxwanted MusicVerse About The Pain03:40

  • The Summa In VerseInto The Inferno (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:50

  • Shiro SAGISU [Bleach: Hell Verse OST]Cometh The Hour Part I02:23

  • The Summa In VerseAegean (Post-Hardcore.RU)01:07

  • The Summa In VerseIn This Case, Sinners Can Be Saints (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:55

  • ХоМаTell Me Where To Go, Tell Me What To Do, I’ll Be Right There For You Tell Me What To Say, Don’t Matter If It’s True, I’ll Say It All For You [Verse 1: Eminem] I Used To Be The Type Of Kid That, Would Always Think The Sky Is Falling Why Am I So Differentl04:56

  • C.Layne By The Tail (Raw Verse Remix)07:29

  • EminemHere Comes The Weekend (Eminem Verse) 01:18

  • VerseThe Selfless Of The Earth03:50

  • VerseThe Relevance Of Our Disconnect02:35

  • Moon Ate The DarkVerse Porous Verse03:23

  • INNA [Verse 1] Come On Ladies Get Ready The Music Is Playing One More Time Let's Go Crazy Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I'mma Gonna Take You So High [Chorus] Can You Hear My Heart Beating For You? Dream Wide Awake, Boy, Make It True Can You Hear My HYalla02:49

  • VerseThe Silver Spoon And The Empty Plate01:30

  • The WeekndThe Hills (Nicki Minaj Verse)00:44

  • TriddanaThe Dead End Verse04:44

  • IscariotVerse Of The Serpent04:12

  • SHADYXVTHE CXVPHER Verse Of Eminem - 06:17

  • Ben VerseFlip The Coin06:01

  • We Are The EmergencyEwe-knee-verse03:46

  • VerseThe End Of All Life02:50

  • The Cenobites Ft. BobbitoKick A Dope Verse (Battered Baby Seal Remix) (1993)04:15

  • Bebe Rexha Feat. Nicki Minaj[Intro: Nicki Minaj (Bebe Rexha)] (Go Time) I'm Nicki Minaj That's Bebe, Let's Go [Verse 1: Bebe Rexha] We Going Straight To Miami Hop On A Plane Going No Wheres Shining So Hard Like A Grammy Forget All The PlayersNo Broken Hearts (Snippet) 00:31

  • Dj KOR`SMy Lyrik`s Verse 18 (The Collection Mixe`s)04:07

  • Hate In FrontBeyond The Verse03:44

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