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  • The VarukersNo Education02:11

  • The VarukersKilling Myself To Live04:15

  • The VarukersWho The Fuck03:44

  • The VarukersNo Hope Of A Future02:27

  • The VarukersWhat The Hell Do You Know?02:02

  • ExodusProtect Not Dissect (The Varukers Cover)03:15

  • The VarukersAbsolution02:14

  • The VarukersSoldier Boy02:25

  • The VarukersTortured By Their Lies01:35

  • The VarukersStop The Killing Now02:15

  • The VarukersFucked It Up Again02:09

  • The Varukers - 8.Humanity (1998 - Murder)01:37

  • The VarukersProtect Not Disect03:18

  • The VarukersMarch Of The S.A.S.03:39

  • The VarukersNothings Changed02:25

  • The VarukersMemo To Me02:01

  • The VarukersHow Do You Sleep?03:12

  • The VarukersMassacred Millions02:25

  • The Varukers06. Where Is Your God01:58

  • The Varukers03. Bleed Us Day01:52

  • The VarukersMarch Of The S.A.S03:55

  • VarukersThe Bomb Blast01:39

  • The VarukersEmotional Blackmail02:53

  • The VarukersCondemed To Death01:53

  • The VarukersWill They Never Learn01:36

  • THE VARUKERSOne Struggle One Fight - Protect Not Dissect03:17

  • The VarukersNo Hope Of A Future02:23

  • The VarukersNo Masters No Slaves01:25

  • The VarukersBomb Blast01:39

  • VarukersWhat The Hell Do You Know ?01:57

  • The VarukersLed To The Slaughter02:31

  • The Varukers06 Thatcher's Fortress02:19

  • The PerukersProtest And Survive (varukers)01:59

  • The Varukers09. Under Attack02:26

  • The VarukersSoldier Boy01:34

  • The VarukersFuck You Up02:03

  • VarukersGet Out Of The Gutter03:04

  • The VarukersObey01:19

  • The Varukers02. Gun Crazed Kids01:39

  • The VarukersAll Systems Fail02:59

  • The VarukersDeadly Games01:30

  • The VarukersAnimals01:54

  • VarukersThe End Is Nigh01:47

  • The Varukers04. Modem For Destruction02:02

  • The VarukersAnother Religion01:49

  • THE VARUKERSOne Struggle One Fight - Persistent Resistance02:45

  • VarukersWhat The Hell Do You Know02:00

  • VarukersMarch Of The SAS03:53

  • The VarukersAndroid01:21

  • The VarukersAnimals An Animal01:49

  • The VarukersMassacred Millions02:14

  • Varukers, TheNever Again (demos 1980)01:07

  • The VarukersMissing Out02:31

  • The Varukers08. No Restrictions02:04

  • The Varukers12 Enter Of A New Phase [Live]03:26

  • The VarukersProtest And Survive02:04

  • THE VARUKERSNo Hope Of A Future02:18

  • THE VARUKERSOne Struggle One Fight - Killed By Man's Own Hand01:38

  • The VarukersLed To The Slaughter02:35

  • The Varukers15 Fear Of Mankind02:13

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