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  • The HARDKISSMake-Up03:16

  • I Think I Love Don't Think I'm Crazy When I Tell You This...but If You Ever Hurt Me, I'll Fucking Kill YouYou Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, Pull The Diamonds Out, Gimme What I Need.02:52

  • Johnette Napolitano & Danny LohnerCome Up To Meet You,TELL YOU I'M SORRY, You Don't Know How Lovely You Are, I Had To Find You, Tell You I Need You, Tell You I Set You Apart, Tell Me Your Secrets, And Ask Me Your Questions, Oh Lets Go Back To The Start... Running In Circles...05:07

  • Aelyn - I Still Believe In Us...Believe In Us, Believe In Love, We Have A Chance, We Need The Soul, Believe In Me, Believe In You, I Don`t Give Up, I Will With You. Believe In Me, Believe In Us, I Live For You, I Need You So, I Love You So, I Still Believe In Us, My Love…03:28

  • Beyonce Kick Him Out.. Today When I Wake Up…You Didn't Look The Same As Last Night…And It Just Don't Feel Right Anymore…I Think That We Should Break Up…There's No Reason To Make Up…I Won't Fight, I'm Just Tired And I Need A Change…03:23

  • Djs From MarsDon't Give Up (Attax Mix)Don't Worry If The Sun Don't Shine You've Seen It Before, You Don't Need To Worry Every Day's An Uphill Climb, Nothing Has Changed Believe Me When I Tell Ya Don't Give It Up Don't Give It Up 06:53

  • You Got The LoveSometimes I Feel Like Throwing My Hands Up In The Air, I Know I Can Count On You, Sometimes I Feel Like Saying "Lord, I Just Don`t Care", But You`ve Got The Love I Need To See Me Through, Sometimes It Seems The Going Is Just Too Rough And Things03:40

  • The UpI Don't Need You02:29

  • The UPI Don't Need You02:29

  • бурундуки!Where Is The Moment We Need It The Most.You Kick Up The Leaves And The Magic Is Lost.They Tell Me Your Blue Sky's Fade To Grey.They Tell Me Your Passion's Gone Away.And I Don't Need No Carryin' On. Cause You Had A Bad Day...)00:59