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  • THE SHORTSComon Sava03:30

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va03:34

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va03:34

  • The Lady Of RageNo Shorts03:58

  • The ShortsComent Ca Va04:03

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va03:28

  • Matthew KomaGirls In Their Shorts In The Summer (Live)03:30

  • The ShortsComment ça Va?03:35

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va (English Version)03:29

  • The BermudasShort Shorts02:09

  • The ShortsJe Suis Tu Es03:52

  • The StaroversAt Dawn In Shorts (Original Mix)05:04

  • The Players UnionWarwick Shorts (Dub)06:21

  • The ShortsAnnabelle03:47

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va (US Extended Version)05:32

  • The ShortsDoor De Bocht04:07

  • THE SHORTSSubway Love04:13

  • The Balls Of JusticeWe Are Young While We Wear Shorts01:28

  • MIKEY DMikey D. And The LA Posse - Taking No Shorts03:53

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va03:35

  • The ShortsShe Made My Day04:09

  • "The Shorts""Comment Ça Va" [Ned. Versie] (Comment Ça Va [Single], 1983)03:29

  • The Shorts (1983 - Comment Ca Va (Vom Feinsten Das Beste))Ik Zing03:53

  • The ShortsOne Pair03:25

  • DIR EN GREYUroko (shorts. Best Of The Voice)00:15

  • The ShortsGoodbye, Don't Cry04:22

  • The Shorts - Comment Ca VaThe Shorts - Comment Ca Va03:27

  • The Lady Of RageNo Shorts04:00

  • Ganez The Terrible Vs Dr Chekill Your Mother In Shorts06:45

  • The Shorts I'm Saving03:22

  • Laffe The FoxShort Shorts And Long Days03:51

  • The Royal TeensShorts Shorts02:41

  • Mahony The Master Of Ceremony & Chainsaw MassacreTakin' Shorts Is A No-No03:55

  • The ShortsSpringtime02:43

  • A2 Ganez The Terrible Vs Dr ChekillYour Mother In Shorts01:49

  • Genesis-The Way We Walk-Vol.1:The Shorts-1992I Can't Dance06:55

  • Cool CTakin' No Shorts (The Gambler)04:27

  • Doug ShortsBet Ill Know The Next Time []04:14

  • Future ShortsGood Bye To The Normals03:50

  • The Shorts Je Suis, Tu Es03:30

  • The Shorts I'm A Musician04:45

  • The ShortsComment Ca Va (1983 Vinyl)03:35

  • Ансамбль THE SHORTS Commet Ca Va ( Винил рип ( оцифровка с винилового диска )41:29

  • The ShortsComment Sa Va03:27

  • DIR EN GREYLOTUS (Symphonic Ver.)(shorts. Best Of The Voice)part100:17

  • The ShortsGoodbye, Don't Cry04:17

  • Genesis-The Way We Walk-Vol.1:The Shorts-1992In Too Deep05:36

  • The ShortsShe Made My Day04:11

  • Genesis-The Way We Walk-Vol.1:The Shorts-1992That's All04:59

  • The Shorts Ik Zing03:56

  • Genesis-The Way We Walk-Vol.1:The Shorts-1992No Son Of Mine07:05

  • Dir En GreyVINUSHKA (shorts. Best Of The Voice)part100:22

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