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  • The Return Of Pimp ShrimpFeel Safe 88 (Just Say No)04:56

  • Celin DionGoodbye..Just Walk Away.. Just Say Goodbye.. Don't Turn Around Now You May See Me Cry.. I Mustn't Fall Apart.. Or Show My Broken Heart.. Or The Love I Feel For You...04:59

  • JVST SAY YES & Virtual RiotFeel The Bass (Original Mix)03:11

  • Nouvelle VagueIn A Manner Of Speaking I Just Want To Say That I Could Never Forget The Way You Told Me Everything By Saying Nothing In A Manner Of Speaking I Don’t Understand How Love In Silence Becomes Reprimand But The Way That I Feel About You Is Beyond Words Oh G03:54

  • Elena PaparizouJust Walk Away Just Say Goodbye Don't Turn Around Now You May See Me Cry I Mustn’t Fall Apart Or Show My Broken Heart Or The Love I Feel For You So Walk Away And Close The Door And Let My Life Be As It Was Before And I'll Never, Never K03:42

  • Liz McClarnonWomen In Love...With You Eternally Mine, In Love There Is No Measure Of Time. We Planned It All At The Start,That You And I Live In Each Other's Hearts...We May Be Oceans Away,You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say No Truth Is Ever A Lie, I Stumble And03:23

  • Snow PatrolJust Say YES Just Say There's Nothing Holding You Back It's Not A Test, Nor A Trick Of The Mind ONLY LOVE I Can Feel Your Heart Beat Through My Shirt This Was All I Wanted, All I Want Its All I Want..03:58

  • JVST SAY YES & IDFeel The Bass (cut)02:30

  • 2016 Аида Юнусова)))) Майли СайрусMiley Cyrus - Goodbye I Could Honestly Say You've Been On My Mind Since I Woke Up Today (up Today) I Look At Your Photograph All The Time These Memories Come Back To Life And I Dont Mind I Remember When We Kissed I Still Feel It On My Lips 03:53

  • Now You’re In New York These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New The Lights Will Inspire You Lets Here It For New York, New YorOne Hand In The Air For The Big City, Street Lights, Big Dreams All Looking Pretty, No Place In The World That Can Compare, Put Your Lighters In The Air, Everybody Say Everybody Say Yeah Yeaaah In New York, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of, There’01:12

  • Within Temptation - PaleI Have To Try To Break Free From The Thoughts In My Mind. Use The Time That I Have, I Can't Say Goodbye, Have To Make It Right. Have To Fight, Cause I Know In The End It's Worthwhile, That The Pain That I Feel Slowly Fades Away. It Will Be Alright04:30

  • JVST SAY YES & Virtual RiotFeel The Bass [Premiere]03:07

  • Raphael Lake Ft. Ben FisherDo You Feel Alive 03:43

  • If Your Gonna Save The Day.And You're Hearing What I Say.I Feel Your Touch, A Kiss Is Not Enough.And If You Believe In Me.DoLet Me Tell You, You, Know, I, I Need A Miracle.I Need A Miracle.It's More Than Physical, What I Need.To Feel From You.....04:06

  • SR-71Goodbye[I Say Goodbye Again I Won't Forget, The Way You Made Me Feel I Won't Regret, Running Away From Here I Won't Forget, The Way You Made Me Feel I Won't Regret, So I Say Goodbye Again Long...nice Try...I'm Gone]03:40

  • ♫ Barbara StreisandWith You Eternally Mine In Love There Is No Measure Of Time. We Planned It All At The Start , That You And I Would Live In Each Other's Hearts. We May Be Oceans Away You Feel My Love, I Hear What You Say...03:54

  • Morris - Desire♥Baby Outta My Way Don`t You Blow Away I Really Wanna Say ... Oh-oh-oh I Want You By My Side Then We Can Start The Night I Wanna Feel Alright Let`s Just Dance Tonight...♥ 03:34

  • The VeronicasI Feel So Untouched And I Want You So Much That I Just Can't Resist You It's Not Enough To Say That I Miss You I Feel So Untouched Right Now Need You So Much Somehow I Can't Forget You Been Going Crazy From The Moment I Met You04:15

  • Gerard Butler & Nancy WilsonLove You Till The End...I Just Want To Be There When Were Caught In The Rain I Just Want To See You Laugh Not Cry I Just Want To Feel You When The Night Puts On Its Cloak I'm Lost For Words Dont Tell Me All I Can Say I Love You Till The End01:52

  • Nigel OlssonSay You Feel The Same04:58

  • Edward Maya-My Song Is LoveI Feel You Voice In My Head I Feel Inside That Love Your Heavy Heart Is Made Of Stone I Feel, Let You Don’t Care My Song Is Love, Is Love I Know The One Is Stand And Wait I Gonna Live Until To Late I Wonna Send And Say: I’ve Lost My Hear02:27

  • Jennifer Lopez Waiting For Tonight - Like A Movie Scene In The Sweetest Dreams Have Pictured Us Together Now To Feel Your Lips On My Fingertips I Have To Say Is Even Better Then I Ever Thought It Could Possibly Be It's Perfect, It's Passion, It's Setting M03:39

  • HypnogajaNothing To See I Haven’t Seen 360 Degrees Still Don’t Know What It Means Fall Away Still All The Same Can’t Remember The Day I Have Something To Say I Feel The Motion But Time Seems To Have Its Stops And Starts No Matter Where You Are No Real Intention04:01

  • Theory Of A DeadmanNothing Could Come Between Us...Sorry To Say But I Don't Feel The Same..03:25

  • Celin DionJust Walk Away...Just Say Goodbye...Don't Turn Around Now You May See Me Cry...I Mustn't Fall Apart...Or Show My Broken Heart...Or The Love I Feel For You...|04:59

  • [Bass House] JVST SAY YES X Virtual RiotFeel The Bass03:07

  • Dina Vass - The Love I Have For You(The Love I Have For You Is So Deep I Think Of You In My Sleep To Show You How I Feel As I Cry It's Hard To Say How's In My Mind05:51

  • Say Hi To Your MomI Feel Better When The Winter's Gone03:03

  • Michael Jackson Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough /The Way You Make Me Feel /Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' /Another Part Of Me /Say Say Say /Thriller /Bad /Smooth Criminal 12:34

  • Disney's On The RecordCan You Feel The Love Tonight • I Won't Say (I'm In Love) • Let's Get Together • Belle04:09