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  • C0WIPenguins On The Beach02:51

  • The Elementary PenguinsEverybody Knows My Name (OST The Debut)02:37

  • The Elementary Penguins Pitch Black03:25

  • Penguins In The DesertSad Dream02:40

  • The Elementary PenguinsWe Are All Too Young For Rock And Roll Suicide03:15

  • Lake Of TearsPlanet Of The Penguins06:30

  • Penguins In The DesertI Can't Breathe04:36

  • The Elementary PenguinsDance Floor02:37

  • The Penguins Of Madagascar (King Julien XIII)JJ00:35

  • The PenguinsMemories Of El Monte02:39

  • The PenguinsEarth Angel (Will You Be Mine)02:56

  • Penguins In The DesertRun Away Planet04:48

  • The Kowalski(Penguins Of Madagascar, #Mental Hen)00:52

  • Penguins In The DesertWarm Sounds04:22

  • PitbullCelebrate (From The Original Motion Picture Penguins Of "Madagascar")02:15

  • The Elementary PenguinsSusannah03:11

  • Penguins In The DesertDesired Dream02:48

  • Bobby VintonEarth Angel (Will You Be Mine — американская романтическая баллада 1954 года из репертуара группы The Penguins выпущенная компанией The Dootone Label (Dootone 348). Песня вошла в «Список 500 величайших песен» всех времён» журнала Rolling S01:55

  • Penguins In The DesertTalk To Rain02:50

  • The Penguins Of MadagascarMain Title00:56

  • The Penguins Of MadagascarPenguins On A Mission00:57

  • The Penguins Lover Or Fool02:26

  • The Elementary PenguinsCigarette03:01

  • Penguins In The DesertI124Q02:14

  • The Elementary Penguins100003:32

  • The Elementary PenguinsLocked In Love05:27

  • Penguins In The DesertLast Day04:14

  • Lake Of TearsPlanet Of The Penguins06:30

  • Penguins In The DesertCarolina03:38

  • The Elementary PenguinsI See Your Lies03:03

  • Penguins In The DesertOasis02:38

  • Penguins In The DesertUnexpected Journey 204:36

  • The PenguinsПожалуйста03:44

  • The Elementary PenguinsNight Of All Nights03:50

  • Lake Of TearsPlanet Of The Penguins05:25

  • Fiona Joy HawkinsDance Of The Penguins02:54

  • Penguins In The DesertDeathly Silence01:10

  • Madagascar The Game OST Penguins02:13

  • PitbullCelebrate (From The Original Motion Picture Penguins Of "Madagascar")05:45