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  • The OffspringTotalImmortal (AFI Cover)(OST Я, снова Я и Ирэн)02:50

  • Various ArtistsSelf Esteem (The Offspring Cover)04:16

  • The OffspringNo Control (Bad Religion Cover)01:48

  • The OffspringDo What You Want (Bad Religion Cover)01:09

  • Mimi Page Self Esteem (The Offspring Cover)05:21

  • NocturaGone Away (The Offspring Cover)04:14

  • The Offspring The Kids Arnt Allright (Piano Cover) 05:16

  • The OffspringYou're Gonna Go Far Kid ( Rainbow Dash Cover)02:40

  • Joint ActionThe Meaning Of Life (The Offspring Piano Cover)02:04

  • Rainbow DashYou're Gonna Go Far, Kid (The Offspring Cover)02:45

  • В.Ж.О.П.У.Говнарь (The Offspring Cover)02:44

  • Блуд (The Offspring Cover)Веселый май03:13

  • Kadowaki MaiPretty Fly (For A White Guy) (The Offspring Cover)03:15

  • OctavusThe Kids Aren't Alright (The Offspring Cover)03:11

  • The Offspring Cover By Toris BadicGive It To Me Baby (Zito & Dave Kurtis Private Rework)05:54

  • ЛигапьеСаша Грэй (The Offspring Cover) (2015)03:11

  • The OffspringFeelings (Morris Albert Cover)02:43

  • НаКипеLove 3 сентября - Cover ( The Offspring Feat. Михаил Шуфутинский ) ( " Годнота! " EP 2016 - Live In Studio )03:34

  • Cornbread RedGone Away (The Offspring Bluegrass Cover)03:52

  • All Else FailsMeaning Of Life (The Offspring Cover)03:16

  • Blood Of The Martyrs Gone Away (Offspring Cover)04:28

  • My Cover The OffspringOriginal Prankster03:42

  • The Offspring Kids Aren't Allright (Acoustic Cover)03:46

  • Pickin' On SeriesAll I Want (The Offspring Country-cover)03:05

  • NocturaGone Away (The Offspring Cover)04:11

  • The OffspringYou're Gonna Go Far, Kid (Nightcore Cover)02:12

  • The OffspringThe Kids Aren't Alright (cover)02:59

  • The OffspringKids Aren't Allright (Acoustic Cover)03:34

  • KnifemanDirty Magic (the Offspring Cover)03:01

  • The OffspringKids Aren't Alright (orchestra Cover)03:03

  • Kristarah - String QuartetWant You Bad (The Offspring Cover)02:52

  • NortherSmash (The Offspring Cover)02:40

  • EndlessSession (Cover The Offspring)02:50

  • Дуэт A17Why Don't You Get A Job (The Offspring Cover)02:28

  • The OffspringBarbie Girl (cover)01:29

  • BiscuitsSelf Esteem (The Offspring Cover)05:02