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  • New Bomb TurksJob (The Nubs Cover)01:47

  • Johnny HammondThe Nubs09:39

  • Johnny 'Hammond' SmithThe Nubs09:37

  • The Psycho NubsWorld's Largest Wal-Mart01:36

  • The Psycho Nubs Sucka Punch02:16

  • The NubsJob01:46

  • The Psycho NubsGin And Smiles02:17

  • NubsWaiting 'Til The End Of The Day02:53

  • The Psycho Nubs Come And Go03:37

  • The Psycho Nubs Day Of The Show01:59

  • The Psycho Nubs Pocket Aces01:12

  • The Psycho Nubs 2 For 9900:27

  • The Psycho Nubs 24 Second Song00:23

  • The Psycho NubsCaptain Blake01:38

  • The Psycho Nubs Jail Song02:26

  • The Nubs I Don't Need You(Cause I Got Me)02:17

  • The Psycho Nubs RX701:27

  • The Psycho Nubs Robot Crazy01:26

  • The NubsKill02:22

  • The NubsDogs02:25

  • The NubsPrivate Practice02:07

  • The NubsLittle Billy's Burning01:40

  • The NubsMorgue Watch02:28

  • The NubsYou're Too Neurotic01:57

  • The NubsIvory01:59

  • The NubsCar Crash02:26