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  • Lindsey Stirling Lord Of The Rings Medley03:15

  • Lindsey StirlingThe Lord Of The Rings Medley03:16

  • Howard ShoreThe Shire (OST The Lord Of The Rings)02:30

  • Eric CalderoneLord Of The Rings Meets Metal04:00

  • The Lord Of The Rings- May It Be музыка созданная Говардом Шором и ирландской певицей Эньей Патришей Ни Бреннан09:09

  • Howard ShoreMoria ("The Lord Of The Rings" OST)05:57

  • Billy BoydPippin's Song (OST The Lord Of The Rings)01:20

  • The Lord Of The RingsThe Nazgul's March-Theme09:49

  • Вся музыка из Властелина колец и ХоббитаThe Lord Of The Rings - Complete Symphony01:55:54

  • Lord Of The RingsAragorn's Coronation Song00:57

  • Blind GuardianLord Of The Rings (Orchestral Version)03:56

  • Howard ShoreLord Of The Rings Symphony01:55:15

  • OST Lord Of The Rings (Billy Boyd)Pippin's Song01:18

  • Lord Of The RingsYou Kill From The Inside03:58

  • OST The Lord Of The RingsГимн Мордора07:04

  • Lord_of_the_Rings_Meets_Metal_hifiБез названия04:02

  • Blind GuardianLord Of The Rings03:56

  • Howard ShoreInto The West (Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King OST)04:40

  • [OST Lord Of The Rings Песнь Арагорна]01:50

  • Howard Shore OST The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The RingThe Bridge Of Khazad Dum 05:57

  • PaintLord Of The Rings In 99 Seconds01:43

  • .::] [::.Рингтон [Howard Shore – Lord Of The Rings' Main Theme] «OST: The Lord Of The Rings»00:38

  • Howard Shore Parth Galen (OST The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring)09:13

  • Sir James Galway & Viggo Mortensen & Renie FlemingThe Return Of The King (OST "Lord Of The Rings")10:14

  • Howard ShorePrologue: One Ring To Rule Them All [Lord Of The Rings OST]07:15

  • OST The Lord Of The RingsRing's Theme02:25

  • Taylor DavisConcerning Hobbits From The Lord Of The Rings (Violin) From Official Music Video03:17

  • Corner Stone Cues Requiem For A Tower (OST "The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" 2002)02:44

  • The Lord Of The RingsMain Theme Power Metal Cover03:15

  • Remix FixThe Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings Metal Remix Cover12:39

  • Howard ShoreThe Lord Of The Rings-Main Theme02:28

  • Howard ShoreIsengard Theme (OST "The Lord Of The Rings")00:33

  • EnyaAniron, Love Theme For Aragorn And Arwen (OST The Lord Of The Rings)02:14

  • Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers OSTEowyn's Dirge (Funeral Song)00:36

  • Lord Of The Rings Musical (London Cast)16.The Final Battle03:21

  • Howard ShoreTree Are Attacking Orcs (Lord Of The Rings - Two Towers)01:00

  • EnyaMay It Be (OST "The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring")04:29

  • The Lord Of The RingsElves Arrive At Helm's Deep01:03

  • Howard Shore- Rohan Theme(The Lord Of The Rings)03:54