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  • Metallica -Whiskey In The Jar(3D)05:04

  • Gym Class Heroes Feat. The-DreamCookie Jar 03:38

  • Ten In The Swear JarSad Girl03:21

  • Maddi Jane - Jar Of HeartsI Know I Can’t Take One More Step Towards You Cause All That’s Waiting Is Regret And Don’t You Know I’m Not Your Ghost Anymore You Lost The Love I Loved The Most I Learned To Live Half Alive And Now You Want Me One More Time And Who Do You Think You Are04:16


  • MetallicaWhisky In The Jar05:02

  • MetallicaWhiskey In The Jar (2004)05:05

  • Rebel SonWhiskey In The Jar04:19

  • Александр О'Карпов Виски в кружке (Whiskey In The Jar Russian Variant) 02:32

  • SmokieWhiskey In The Jar04:59

  • Courtney BarnettPickles From The Jar02:49

  • The BamboosKilling Jar04:36

  • Рогатые ТрупоедыVorona In The Jar (песенка пластилиновой бутылки виски)04:38

  • MetallicaWhiskey In The Jar (Cover Of Thin Lizzy)09:41

  • РайдоWhiskey In The Jar 03:29

  • Moon Ate The DarkBellés Jar04:37

  • Блуд Виски в бокале (Whiskey In The Jar)04:42

  • TintalПесня про моржа (Whiskey In The Jar)05:26

  • CalexicoBourbon In The Jar (Однажды в Ирландии OST)02:43

  • Gym Class HeroesCookie Jar (Ft. The-Dream)03:38

  • Grateful Dead Whiskey In The Jar04:18

  • MetallicaWhiskey In The Jar (Moscow 27-08-2015)06:44

  • Sham RockWhiskey In The Jar02:55

  • ♪Brothers FourWhiskey In The Jar03:09

  • Irish FolkWhisky In The Jar02:58

  • The Irish RoversWhiskey In The Jar03:54

  • AyoubJar Of Hearts (The Voice Kids 3: The Blind Auditions)02:50

  • MetallicaWhiskey In The Jar (Live '98)05:17

  • MetallicaWhiskey In The Jar (St. Petersburg 25-08-2015)07:24

  • The ClanWhiskey In The Jar (Traditional Irish Song)02:22

  • Пластилиновая ВоронаWhiskey In The Jar05:31

  • MetallicaWhisky In The Jar05:02

  • The Rock/Feet Of ClayCookie Jar (Gym Class Heroes Hardcore Cover)03:11

  • Think TwiceWhiskey In The Jar04:17

  • The High KingsWhiskey In The Jar03:29

  • Pogues And The DublinersWhiskey In The Jar02:59

  • Gym Class Heroes Feat. The-Dream - Cookie Jar (Access Denied Bootleg Remix) .04:15

  • The Boys Of Country NashvilleWhiskey In The Jar04:14

  • The SeekersWhisky In The Jar02:20

  • The Reaper Ft Christina Perri Jar Of Heart (Bootleg) [SpeedUp Mix]03:20

  • Cradle Of Filth Feat. Ville Valo - The Byronic ManAs Lonely As A Poet On The Walls Of Jericho Or The Moon Without The Comfort Of The Stars I Am Loathe To Know It That A Man Without A Soul Is Nothing But A Spilt Canopic Jar05:03

  • Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar(Русский перевод текста)05:29