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  • The HorrorsShe Is A New Thing03:21

  • The HorrorsShe Is The New Thing03:21

  • The HorrorsSheena Is A Parasite01:42

  • The HorrorsStill Life04:01

  • The HorrorsDraw Japan03:24

  • The HorrorsExcellent Choice02:53

  • The-Little-Shop-Of-Horrors-Dentist-Songмузыка из пупов02:02

  • The HorrorsThunderclaps03:06

  • ●Current Value Vs. HatebreedThe Fallen Horrors [Terror[east] Mashup]01:18

  • The HorrorsI Only Think Of You06:33

  • The HorrorsYou Think I'm Lonely03:58

  • 73. The HorrorsSo Now You Know05:29

  • The HorrorsShe Is A New Thing (OST Конура)02:39

  • The Little Shop Of HorrorsDentist Song (Rington Full)02:03

  • The HorrorsCount In Fives03:13

  • The HorrorsPhono04:05

  • 12.The Horrors [Strange House]Death At The Chapel02:19

  • The HorrorsSea Within A Sea06:52

  • The HorrorsWho Can Say (

  • The Horrors Still Life (instrumental Version)05:21

  • The HorrorsNocturne03:13

  • KartikeyaThe Horrors Of Home (feat. Keith Merrow & Aleksandra Radosavljevic)06:06

  • The HorrorsGloves02:50

  • The HorrorsThe Witch (the Sonics Cover)02:34


  • Cradle Of Filth2012 - The Manticore And Other Horrors01:02:23

  • The HorrorsDeath At The Chapel 02:19

  • The Horrors Your Love (Frankie Knuckles Cover) 07:17

  • THE HORRORSStill Life02:55

  • The HorrorsChasing Shadows03:59

  • The HorrorsSleepwalk05:21

  • The HorrorsShadazz (Dubstep Suicide Cover)04:18

  • The HorrorsMirrors Image04:28

  • Dj Leg1onerThe Horrors (2016)02:15

  • The HorrorsJack The Ripper03:01

  • The HorrorsScarlet Fields04:05

  • The Little Shop Of HorrorsDentist Song (Стив Мартин)02:32

  • The HorrorsShadazz04:18

  • The HorrorsNo Love Lost04:01

  • Vuri RootsScarlet Fields (The Horrors Cover)04:13

  • Denial Of GodThe Horrors Of Satan12:59

  • The HorrorsNo Love Lost (Joy Division Live Cover)04:21

  • Florence And The MachineHurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix)05:46

  • EntrailsThe Cemetery Horrors05:24

  • Sheriff Lindo And The HammerDub House Of Horrors05:22

  • The HorrorsExcellent Choice02:53

  • RazzmatazzStill Life (the Horrors Cover)03:55

  • The HorrorsBlue03:39

  • The HorrorsDive In (The Pressure Ridges)05:08

  • 31.The HorrorsDraw Japan03:17

  • The HorrorsMoving Into Blue (Seahawks Skying Suite)06:26

  • The HorrorsCount In Fives03:13

  • The HorrorsConcept Undiscovered (BBC Radio 1 Rip)03:30

  • The HorrorsShe Is The New Thing03:21

  • The HorrorsDeath At The Chapel02:19

  • The HorrorsLittle Victories02:40

  • The HorrorsSuffragette City03:08

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