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  • Satoru KousakiThe Following, Flashback [Bakemonogatari OST]01:49

  • KRAFT JACKFollowing The Sings05:34

  • The Blake Robinson Synthetic OrchestraFollowing Stanley (The Stanley Parable OST)01:31

  • Isaac ShepardFollowing The Footsteps 02:54

  • Pawel BlaszczakMain Theme (Dying Light: The Following OST)02:34

  • The FollowingLife Light03:45

  • The FollowingBad Blood03:41

  • The FollowingDead Thoughts03:54

  • The FollowingLast Call03:35

  • Dying LightThe Following02:39

  • Isaac ShepardFollowing The Footsteps02:54

  • The LosersAzan (OST The Following)06:25

  • HasterThe Following04:43

  • The FollowingFragile Hearts03:02

  • AquascapeFollowing To The Light07:44

  • Истории монстров Satoru Kousaki - The Following01:47

  • FlugThe Following06:07

  • Following The SoulWith Me02:10

  • The Blake Robinson Synthetic OrchestraFollowing Stanley01:30

  • Following The SoulBreathless03:08

  • Dying Light The FollowingLoading Theme01:24

  • Pawel BlaszczakSteath (Dying Light: The Following OST)02:44

  • Following The SoulI Will Show You The Truth04:35

  • The FollowingDead Thoughts03:54

  • Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonThe Following Sea29:18

  • BulaklakThe Following (Original Mix)06:51

  • Pawel BlaszczakGoing To Mother (Dying Light: The Following OST)01:34

  • НеизвестенЛетсплей Dying Light: The Following. By Azazin00:10

  • Pawel BlaszczakMenu Theme (Dying Light: The Following OST)04:31

  • Pawel BlaszczakFinal Assignment (Dying Light: The Following OST)03:28

  • StriaFamous X (Following The Kill)06:05

  • EnigmaFollowing The Sun04:42

  • SungardenThe Following (Original Mix)✔07:34

  • Johan Söderqvist11. Following The Sun (группа,, Score, ОСТ Кон-Тики / OST Kon-Tiki)01:48

  • Kousaki SatoruThe Following, Flashback01:49

  • FamilyJules7xFollowing Stanley (The Stanley Parable) Guitar Cover 02:47

  • DJ OkawariFollowing The Dream02:00

  • Pawel BlaszczakRun (Dying Light: The Following OST)03:01

  • Lora PalmerFollowing The Dream03:54

  • Following Light, Julian Rodriguez, Jeremias FerreyraAcross The Clouds (Following Light Remix)06:35

  • (NES) Batman Returns (OST)11. Stage 4 (Following The Circus Train)01:10

  • Following The SoulI Hope You Hear03:15

  • Following The SoulThe World In Which We Have02:40

  • Ben HowardOats In The Water (OST Последователи/The Following) 3.0104:52

  • Pawel BlaszczakEnd Credits (Dying Light The Following)11:49

  • Pawel BlaszczakStealing Buggy (Dying Light: The Following OST)02:44

  • Aurora - Runaway Ost The Following04:09

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