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  • The WeekndThe Morning (Dolor Remix)03:15

  • The WeekndSame Old Song (Dolor Remix)03:53

  • Lorn & DolorThe Woods03:49

  • THE WEEKENDThe Morning (Dolor Remix)06:46

  • The WeekndSame Old Song (Dolor Remix) 03:53

  • In Lacrimaes Et DolorBeyond The Grave 08:53


  • The DrowningDolor Saeculi01:10

  • In Lacrimaes Et DolorBeyond The Grave08:53

  • Shrill WhispersDel:Rium (feat. Tyson Beable & Quin Sandry Of Avenge The Sin, Ian Maggard Of Dolor, Vincent Schmitz & Gerald Ruschel Of Aeons Of Corruption, Carlos "Brownbear" Hicks [ex-A Night In Texas] & Guillaume Villeneuve Of Beyond Deviation)04:19

  • The WeekndSame Old Song (Dolor Remix Instrumental)03:22

  • DolorThe Island10:31

  • The WeekndSame Old Song (Dolor Remix Instrumental)03:22

  • Amidst The WitheringInfinitus Dolor Amoris03:31

  • The WeekndSame Old Song (Dolor Remix)03:50

  • Thanatos - Emerging From The Netherworlds (1990)Omnicoitor / Dolor Satanae02:23

  • The WeekndSame Old Song (Dolor Remix)03:26

  • The Weeknd - Same Old Song (Dolor Remix)03:53

  • The DrowningDolor Saeculi01:09

  • Tu Carne & The Creatures From The TombTu Carne - Tu Dolor02:56

  • I Am Above On The LeftEl Dolor Apparece Durante El Sueno02:30

  • The Weeknd Gone (Dolor Remix)03:51

  • The Purest Of Pain (A Puro Dolor)(Rumba 19)03:28

  • The WeekndThe Morning (Dolor Remix)03:15

  • The Podridos¿Quien Dice Que El Dolor Se Siente Bien?03:10

  • In Lacrimaes Et DolorBeyond The Grave08:53

  • Color DolorOnes In The Woods Single Version03:55

  • The WeekndGone (Dolor Remix)03:51

  • The DigraphTu Estas Mi Dolor03:08

  • The VOQNescimus Latine Cognovimus Dolor03:08

  • Beast Within The SoundEternal Conflict (feat. Baris From Dolor)04:18

  • The Jotaka & OnseSabor A Dolor02:55

  • Жоскен Депре (Josquin Desprez) - The Borgia DynastyMotet: Proch Dolor - Josquin Des Prez (Jordi Savall)03:49

  • Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera 2002Mies Del Dolor03:44


  • The DrowningDolor Saeculi01:09

  • Transmissions From The Crypt Estacion Del Dolor03:40

  • DolorSummer. A Heat. The Sun. Happiness.03:12

  • All The HatsEl Poder Del Dolor05:07

  • The DrowningDolor Saeculi01:09

  • ShemhamforashDolor Ante Lucem - Episodion Rex V - Exodus - Unfurling The Sails Of Night Visions02:05

  • Thanatos [Emerging From The Netherworlds-1990]Omnicoitor - Dolor Satanae02:08

  • DolorIt's Only The Depth Of The Soul03:54

  • Kill The Monkey02 - Preso Del Dolor03:31

  • DJ Tiesto_Dolor(Mix)In The Silence I Believe03:22

  • Soaring (Experimental Studio Project)El Dolor De Los Recuerdos (the Pain Of Memories)03:13

  • 光田晋哉The End Of A Deep Dolor02:51

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